Revision Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Revision Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Secondary Blepharoplasty

This is the revision surgery that remedies various problems after eyelid surgery. Most side effects are such things like double eyelid line with wide gap, deep and thick lines, swollen and sausage-like lines, big scarred line when the eyes are closed, etc. and these problems usually come together.

Secondary / Revision Blepharoplasty needed…

Double eyelids are too thick so it seems like a sausage

Scars are noticeable

Double eyelids are untied

The eyelids are too thin and the line is very narrow

Shape of the eyes are not satisfying

The types of Secondary Blepharoplasty

Untied Lines

The percentage of untied lines after the surgery is about 3% in buried method which is much reduced figure than before. However, there are some people whose lines are just constitutionally untied. In this case, there has to be a consultation with medical team in charge whether they will use buried method, incision method or partial incision method in the revision blepharoplasty and the lines will be realigned in this revision surgery.

Big and Clear Scar

If there are remained tissues or skins of eyelid, we can simply cut out the scarred place. However, if the skin is not much enough, it is difficult to re-operate. But the situation may be different from what you’ve expected so it is necessary to have a consultation with medical professionals beforehand.

Thick and Swollen Double Eyelids (Sausage-Line)

This happens when the lines were designed too big and when there are too much unnecessary fat tissue. In secondary blepharoplasty, it is important to make the height of double eyelids and scarred places and fat tissue reduced altogether to make you have natural lines with the revision blepharoplasty.

Asymmetric Lines

Nobody has exactly symmetric eyes. But if it seems obviously asymmetric, realigning is demanded. Generally, if the line on one eye is untied, the lines have different height so they can be realigned by revision blepharoplasty which modifies one eyelid or both eyelids.

Dissatisfaction of Eyelid Lines

This case happens not because of wrong operation but because of your dissatisfaction with the shape or height of lines. Hence, lines should be accurately studied and realigned along with enough consultation for the revision blepharoplasty.

When is the right time for Secondary Blepharoplasty?


It is recommended to have secondary surgery at least 6 month later from the first surgery.
There are some cases that early-secondary surgery is possible depending on one’s condition but it is better to get operation when the eye tissues are stabled enough. Eyelid surgery needs highly meticulousness since only 1mm of little difference can make a big different result. Eyelid surgery is the most widely performed one but the percentage of re-operation is also high. When it comes to the second surgery, it is critical to find out the cause of it. Without well-trained skills and anatomical knowledge of specialists, another 2nd and 3rd surgery may happen again. The eyelid surgery specialists of THE LINE plastic surgery have studied for eyelid surgery for the last 10 years repeating the surgery more than 10,000 times. These specialists figure out the cause of the problems and perform the operation meticulously so that safe and satisfying result is what we can promise to you.

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