Mandibular Jaw Surgery Korea (3D Square & Angle Reduction)

Mandibular Jaw Surgery Korea (3D Square & Angle Reduction)

Jaw Surgery In Korea

3D Square-Jaw Surgery (Mandibular)

3D Square-Jaw Angle Reduction


3D Square-Jaw Surgery makes small and slim face line at from every angle including a 45° angle, lateral, front and back. Mandible angle resection not only removes protruded mandible angle, but it forms safe and beautiful facial contouring considering the ratio and harmony of the whole face.

The target of 3D Square-Jaw Surgery


  • Typical square jaw
  • Bones protruded from just below the ear even if it’s not square
  • Jaw looks bigger even though smooth face outline
  • The overall big jaw bone
  • Facial contouring problems
  • Mandibular asymmetry

Features of The Line Square-Jaw Surgery


  • 3D-CT analysis

With a scientific analysis using 3D-CT, figure out the three-dimensional structure of muscle tissue/bone tissue/ nerve tissue and vascular tissue around mandible. As a delicate Mandibular jaw surgery carried out, damage to the nerve tissue and vascular tissue can be prevented in advance.

  • Remove facial bones/ muscles/ fat tissues at the same time

Simultaneously remove facial bones/ muscles/ fat tissue which are the main causes of square jaw. It’s not just simple Mandibular angle reduction surgery, but it makes a small and slim face remodeling face outline.

  • Cheek reduction using the cutting edge endoscope

There was a weakness of conventional surgery with incision inside oral. It’s difficult to identify the exact surgical area because of the narrow sight. The Line’s only Mandibular angle reduction surgery is performed extremely safe and accurate by using special face contouring endoscopic equipment that enable real-time understanding of the surgical area’s vascular, soft tissue and bone tissue when inside oral incision.

  • Long curved madibular ostectomy without secondary angle

With long curved Mandibular ostectomy, soft and smooth face line is made from the lower part of the ear to the front jaw, and it also doesn’t have no crack or secondary angle on the resection area.

Mandibular Jaw Surgery

The Line 3D Square Jaw Reduction Surgery


  • Slender Face from Any Angle with Maximised Effect along with Smooth Jaw Line without Secondary Angle through Long Curve Resection, Reducing Unnecessary Muscle, and Fat Removal


  • Safe and Elaborate Surgery Possible
    – Grasp of surgical site, soft tissue, bone tissue in real-time through clear view
    – Operation by minimum sublation and micro-incision of soft tissue


  • Long Curve Resection + Tight Fixing, 3D Complex Surgical Site
    – Long curve resection from under ear to front jaw
    – Resection of cortical bone, Removal of Unnecessary muscle & fat on jaw line
    – No worry about sagging with lifting and tight fixing of soft tissue


  • No Unnecessary Damage on Tissue and Less Bleeding
    – Procedure by oral endoscopy, Possible to secure a wide-clear view of the region w/o unnecessary damage
    – Less bleeding and quick recovery through minimum amotion and micro-incision


  • Almost None of Unnecessary Tissue Damage, Minimizing Swelling and Bruises


  • Quick recovery

Merits of The Line 3D Square-Jaw Reduction Surgery


  • Removal Angle of Jaw of the Past, Limited by Existing Operation Way
  • Highly Regarding the Golden Ratio Small and Slender V-line
  • Long Curve Resection, Resection of Cortical Bone, and Muscle & Fat Removal Complex Surgery
  • Prevention of Sagging Cheeks Muscles & Fat Removal

Scientific & Safe The Line Facial Contouring Center


  • More than 7,000 times of facial contouring and know-how
  • Safe & personalised procedure through 3D-CT diagnosis
  • Safe 1:3 care system by operating doctor, anaesthetist, and nursing staff in charge
  • Specialists in facial contouring with more than 10 years of careers
  • Specialised aftercare service center for facial contouring
  • Expert anaesthetist with more than 16 years of careers in facial bone surgery on call