Chin Reduction & Implant Surgery (Before And After)

Chin Reduction & Implant Surgery (Before And After)


Chin Reduction & Implant Surgery (Before And After)

Chin Surgery

Key Points of The Line Chin Surgery (Chin Implant, Chin Implant Before and After, Chin Augmentation)
  • Slim & 3D V-line to Complete Small Face with chin reduction surgery

Slightly small chin, protruding chin, long chin and round chin can be transformed to slender V-line according to personal face ratio by repositioning chin and resecting bone.

  • Correction Effect of Protruding Mouth & Slim Lower-Jaw

In case that chin is receding or protruding so it looks like you have protruding mouth, you can see correction effect without straightening teeth.

  • Simple chin reduction Surgery Enabling Discharge on the Operating Day

Since the chin surgery Korea is only about the chin, it is simple and quick within 30 min that you don’t need hospitalization. Also, there’s only light bleeding and almost no swelling with quick recovery.

  • Minimum Side Effects without Neurological Damage

The procedure is performed only on the chin avoiding neural gland, so there’s no danger of neurological damage and safe procedure is performed with minimum side effects. For more please see our chin implant before and after images.

Chin Reduction Surgery without Neurological Damage
  • 3D-CT Detailed Analysis

Through high-tech 3D-CT, we analyse shape of the chin and position of the neurons in three dimensional ways.

  • Safe and Elaborate Plan

We decide appropriate procedure and surgical site, and plan the surgery through result-prediction programme on chin implant before and after effects.

  • No Neurological Damage

We read 3D-CT image in real-time through exclusive monitor during the chin reduction surgery, and grasp the location of neurons accurately so there is no risk of neurological damage.

Mini-Osteotomy vs T-Osteotomy
  • Mini-Osteotomy

-Disjoining One Piece Only by Straight Cutting
-Little Tissue Damage & Light Bleeding and Swelling
-Quick Recovery with One Cutting Only
-No Non-union of Bones

  • T-Osteotomy

-Partial Removal of Wide Chin by T-Cutting
-Improvement of Stubby & Wide Chin to Slim Chin
-Improvement of Chin Length by T-Osteotomy
-Improvement of Chin Position by T-Osteotomy
-Gathering Chin Bones & Trimming of Joint Parts

Chin Reduction & Implant Surgery (Before And After)

Small Chin Surgery (Microgenia; Chin Implant, Chin Implant Before and After, Chin Augmentation)

There are two general types of microgenia. The first case is short chin, but normal occlusion with regular teeth. The second case is not only short chin, also false occlusion wit irregular teeth.
  • Normal Occlusion

In case the chin looks pushed in, there are two ways of microgenia correction methods such as pulling the lower jaw after breaking the bone, or inserting implant like silicone and Goretex. It’s a relatively simple operation among the face outline surgeries.

  • Irregular Teeth

In case that the upper teeth are protruded slightly more than the lower teeth, the whole chin needs to be moved forward.

Surgical Methods
  • Using implant

If the bone of the lower jaw is too small, osteotomy can not be used. Thus, make two incisions of 1cm inside of the lower lip then insert the implant into the created space. It’s a simple and safe procedure under local anesthesia.

  • Moving the lower jaw

Cut the bone of the lower jaw horizontally, then move it forward and fix it. General anesthesia is required.