Quick Cheekbone Reduction Surgery In Korea

Quick Cheekbone Reduction Surgery In Korea

Cheekbone reduction surgery

Let’s start with advanced facial reshaping in Korea

  • The square jaw correction
  • V-line surgery
  • Cheekbone reduction surgery (Zygoma reduction)
  • Chin advancement surgery

Here, face augmentation appears simpler than facial reduction because most cosmetic surgeons have handled that successfully even the doctors in Beverly hills can. But for the tougher facial reduction, the gifted hands of Korean doctors are the reason for the influx of people around the world to Korea for facial reduction.

Additionally, facial augmentation is advanced and therefore reserved for facial surgery experts in Korea, it is also suitable for ages 17 and above and performed once in a person’s lifetime. This is so because your bones have to be fully developed and when you are 60, your bones are considered weak.

If you have always desired to have facial contouring, bear in mind that the Beverly hill’s doctors are not as experienced as the Korean doctors. So, irrespective of whether you reside in Asia, Africa, America or anywhere in the world, your one-stop destination for all facial surgery is in Korea.

What to know when choosing the best facial contouring surgeon in Korea

Having facial contouring is very important and demands a lot of carefulness. So, one of your first on the list is to see a surgeon because, in Korea, doctors have a habit of recommending the things moving with the trends. It is also a wrong move to decide on facial lift based on people’s reviews, what should be done is to seek your consultant’s advice and get all the requested surgery requirements in place. From the 360 degree CT-scans, the cheekbone simulation to the miniature jawbone, all these have to be ready before the operation.

Quick Cheekbone Surgery

The protruding cheeks.

These overly-pronounced cheeks share a similarity with the square jaw and it gives a manly look if it emphasizes on the sides. Cheeks are usually beautiful but when they are come out giving a wearied, big and depressing look, then it is not attractive, so let something be done.

But what is most beautiful and safe is having it undertaken by the best hands, the experts with reputations for excellence in cosmetic surgeries. So, without hesitation, make your appointments now and go home thrilled and satisfied.

Cheekbone surgery is a simple and effective zygomaplasty compared to existing complexes arch reduction. A more remarkable effect can be seen in the case that lateral cheekbones are more protuberant than front cheekbones. Cheekbone reduction surgery often considered as complex and lengthy operations with a long time to recover and quick cheekbone surgery greatly helps to get the expected results with less complex and time.

Suitable cases for Quick Cheekbone Reduction surgery
  • A wide and flat face
  • Bumpy face outline due to high cheekbones
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Face looks bigger than the actual in photographs
  • Strong-looking
  • Dark shadows under the cheekbones
The Line Quick-arch reduction know-how
  • Maximizing reduction of facebone size by cheek reduction
  • Maximizing the effect of full face
  • Easy and quick facial contouring
  • No worries about swelling and drooping cheek
  • Rapid recovery with a little pain
  • One-day surgery by conscious sedation
The way of Quick-arch reduction
  • Minimal incision(1.5~2cm) at the upper scalp of the ear
  • 3D CT taken before surgery
  • Operation time: 20~30 min.
  • Conscious sedation
  • Remove stitches 3days after the surgery
  • Outpatient treatment: 2nd day & 5th day after the surgery (twice)
  • One-day surgery (no hospitalization)