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Welcome to THE LINE Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, Korea

The Line Plastic Surgery Clinics, Korea is the Leading and Best Plastic surgery with years of experience. The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea is leading the industry with the best medical staff and the state of the art system equipped with sustainable growth for more than 10 years, to achieve further growth being the best Korean plastic surgery clinics we do adopt the worldwide latest technology and also got recognition from Leading Health care associations for a more glorious plastic and cosmetic surgery in Seoul, Korea. To achieve this and for becoming the best plastic surgery clinic Korea, The Line Plastic Surgery set up the... Read More

Plastic Surgery Clinics In Korea
[JCI International Medical Accreditation]

The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic
The only plastic surgery clinic in Korea

Facelift Surgery
Non Surgical Facelift
ISO-9001 quality certification hospital in plastic surgery field
Alumni clinic of Gangnam Severance Hospital
Special clinic in breast plastic surgery designated by Allergan, Inc.
Designated medical center for attracting foreign patients by Ministry of Health & Welfare