Nasal tip & Bone Reduction

Nasal tip & Bone Reduction
Wide nasal tip compared to nasal bridge


Surgery that gives you optimal shape of the nose by reducing nasal bones or nasal tip reshaping that doesn’t fit in the ratio. It can be caused by anterior nasal processus overgrowth, excessive alar cartilage, columella nasi overgrowth, long medial alar cartilage, nasal septal cartilage overgrowth and so on. The Nasal bone surgery follows different surgical procedure depending on each case.
Wide nasal tip made the appearance which results excess wide tip and dissymmetry between the dorsum and the nose tip which is corrected with nose tip reshaping and nasal bone surgery. Other important facts to consider in nose tip reshaping are skin thickness, racial origins and strength of the cartilage.
Wide nasal bone


It’s nasal bone osteotomy; cut the nose bones and gather it. Nasal bone Surgery under general anesthesia is recommended because the patients feel more comfortable than surgery under conscious sedation.