Nasal Tip Surgery Korea (Nose Reshaping & Plasty)

Nasal Tip Surgery Korea (Nose Reshaping & Plasty)

Nasal Tip Surgery

Nose Tip Augmentation – Nose tip plasty is simpler than nose bridge augmentation. Usually, nose bridge augmentation precedes nose tip plasty. As stated earlier both are usually done together to improve results and because determining the needed nose augmentation between the two is sometimes difficult.
Nose tip augmentation heals faster and leaves no scar – this is why many Korean celebrities prefer this method only. But if a person with a low nose bridge does only the nose tip augmentation, the nose job may come out weird. So the best candidate for only a nose tip augmentation is someone with a sufficiently high nose bridge.
The main aim of this procedure is to restructure the nose cartilage. The method and cartilage type to be used depends on the state of the nose. The 3 cartilage types commonly used are the ear cartilage, the septum cartilage and the rib cartilage. When nose tip plasty is done alongside nose bridge augmentation, it is necessary to add cartilage (usually from the ear) to the nose tip to avoid the tip collapsing under gravity. The tip usually softens after 3 to 6 months.
Rhinoplasty is a routine procedure in Korea and the cost depends on factors like the technique used, price policy of the establishment, patient’s preference and the surgeon’s experience. Generally, the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Korea charge more than the rest.

Nasal Tip Contouring for Natural Nasal Shape

  • Lower Nasal Tip

Nasal tip surgery is a simple way to heighten the nasal tip with inserting the ear cartilage. To make the tip higher, put the alar cartilage together or set up a pillar. If proceeding together with columella nasi surgery, in this nose reshaping surgery it looks much better and more natural as nostril size and the height of the nasal tip are in harmony with each other.

  •  Drooping Nasal Tip Surgery Korea

If you have drooping nasal tip, you look older and it leaves a bad impression. In this case, tip cartilage correction must be made by lifting the nasal tip and adjusting nasolabial angle. The nasal tip is lifted by changing the three-dimensional structure of nasal cartilages supporting structure of the nose reshaping.

  • Wide Nasal Tip Surgery Korea

It occurs when the width or angle of alar cartilages is too wide. It can be corrected by reducing the width of the alar cartilage. After surgery, face looks slim and narrow as if angle ostectomy is performed.

  • Asymmetric Nasal Tip Surgery Korea

Everyone has a little asymmetric nasal tip. However, if there is a damaged cartilage by nature or trauma, cartilage reinforcement is needed in the nasal tip.