Revision Rhinoplasty Korea (Before And After)

Revision Rhinoplasty Korea (Before And After)

Revision Rhinoplasty Korea (Before And After)

Surgery that makes a natural nose fit for you

There is much dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose due to the various surgical problems and operations with no sufficient consultation with doctors. Most cases can be corrected by revision nose surgery, so it’s better to wait until the appropriate time for reoperation. But the secondary surgery has a high probability of leaving a scar or tissue damage than the first one, therefore do not be hurry and consider reoperation very carefully.

The period of Revision Rhinoplasty

Generally, it’s good to do revision nose surgery six months after the initial surgery when the tissues are overall smoother. In simple nasal augmentation case, however, secondary surgery is possible within six months after the initial surgery. The revision nose surgery has a higher probability of damaging tissues than the first operation; therefore a very careful decision to revision rhinoplasty is required. The enforcement of an impractical correction can lead to another revision, so it’s recommended to have secondary surgery considering natural shape fit for yourself and safety. It is also advised to look for rhinoplasty before and after simulation images. To consider and choose clinic and best rhinoplasty surgeon, the rhinoplasty before and after images of previous patients should be analyzed.

The following corrections are made in Revision Rhinoplasty

  • Drooping
  • Pug nose
  • Visible nasal implant
  • Very hard nasal tip
  • Reddish nasal tip
  • Asymmetry
  • Small/Big nostril
  • Broaden nostril
  • Wide nose width
  • Side effects of Implants

It’s mostly caused due to the characteristics of each implant, rather than the problem of the implant itself. Autologous: revision nose surgery is quite difficult compared to the artificial implant. Also, the degree of damaged tissue is extensive. Artificial: reoperation is relatively easy compared to autologous one.


Problems such as visible implant boundaries, reddish nasal tip, visible nasal implant. It’s not because of the safety of material itself, but because of the problems that are aroused in the tissues.


It’s generally recognized that Goretex removal is too hard, however, in the case of using a Goretex professionally, the removal is similar to the silicone removal. Thus, revision rhinoplasty is not impossible with Goretex used.


It has an infiltrative nature like Goretex. Medpor removal is difficult because the tissue easily goes into the implant. When it is excessively used for the tip supporting implant, can cause side effect that the nasal tip turns red. It’s important not to make the nasal tip too high using Medpor, and it can be substituted with nasal septal cartilage when corrective rhinoplasty is performed.

Injection Side Effect

It’s a problem of using non-medical substance injections in the past. There are rare side effects currently by using only medical injections.

Deformation due to trauma

In case of deformation caused by trauma, there are many complaints about the appearance (on rhinoplasty before and after result compared with the image before trauma) for the therapeutic purpose rather than the cosmetic purpose. Corrective surgery should be done with the accurate diagnosis on the damaged area.

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