Body Contouring Surgery Before And After

Body Contouring Surgery Before And After

Body contouring is an extremely popular cosmetic surgery in South Korea, especially amongst women who are trying to achieve the perfect body figure once and for all.

Before we tell you all about the before and after of this surgery, it is important that you know what this cosmetic surgery is all about, how much time it takes, and how long is the recovery time.

What is body contouring surgery

It is a complex cosmetic procedure that is done to contour and reshape very specific parts of your body in the hopes that make it look exactly as you have always wanted.

Some people tend to confuse this surgery with liposuction because the surgeon does perform liposuction to you during the body contouring process to remove the extra fat. However, unlike the liposuction procedure, this one isn’t just done in your abdominal area, but all over your body.

Since this cosmetic takes up fat from several parts of your body and it is dealing with many different body parts, it can be quite long and complex sometimes, which it is vital for you to find the very best surgeon available.

What you need to know about Body contouring surgery

Since it is a considerable big surgery, you will be put down under general anesthesia instead of local. Not only this, but it could take up to two whole hours to get the surgery done.

However, you won’t be hospitalized or have to stay overnight. You will be able to leave the clinic a few hours after your cosmetic surgery is done and will only have to come back a week later for stitches removal.

As to the recovery time, it isn’t as long as you would expect. The recovery time for the body contouring surgery takes about two weeks top, after that, you can go on normally with your life.

Body Contouring Surgery Before and After

Of course, after you get the surgery done, your body will immediately change, looking skinner, slimmer and of course, healthier. Here a few pictures of the changes you can expect to experiment once you get the surgery done.