Breast Surgery, It Is Important To Have Safe Surgery Through High-Tech Medical Equipment

The breast is the most important part of the women’s body and it is linked with women’s self-confidence. A natural teardrop shape and ample size of the breast are all women’s dreams, especially, the people, who are glamorous and have a baby face, are popular in these days.

In addition, it is the era when people have appearance competitiveness, and the body line is also an important factor of the competitiveness, so small sizes of the breasts could be a complex regarding that. To solve the complex, people wear a corrective bra and use aesthetic apparatus, but they can’t have 100% satisfaction.

Therefore, people consider having breast surgery, which is able to dramatically change their breast sizes and get you confidence. However people should carefully choose the surgery. In particular, many people worry about the pain and recovery period, so they prefer to have a short recovery period, also a safe and painless surgery.

According to Dr. YooSeok Chung, trendy Breast surgery makes it possible to reduce pain and recovery period through high-tech medical equipment. Using the high-tech medical equipment such as a harmonic scalpel minimizes side effects and reduces the recovery period.

The harmonic scalpel is used in the heart surgery and carcinectomy, which need a delicate skill. It reduces unnecessary incision to minimize surrounding tissue damage and pain, also raises safety to prevent side effects.

When you are having the surgery incision, exfoliation and hemostasis are possible by one-stop surgery method, so the method makes it possible to recover in a short period of time, because it causes little bleeding during the surgery. It is also suitable for business women, who need to have daily life immediately after surgery, because it doesn’t need a hospital stay or wear blood bags.

Furthermore, Teardrop breast surgery is one of the surgeries which uses the harmonic scalpel and natural shape implants. It makes a total ideal breast line and the feeling of the breast is totally natural even though people lie down or have strenuous movement. Also this surgery is preferred by people who want to get a beautiful cleavage.

Dr. YongHyun Cho said, “Many patients have consultations about their breast surgery especially in fall and winter. They are interested in Teardrop Breast Surgery, which makes patients recover quickly. In that case people really should choose a clinic specialized in the breast surgery, which has an advanced diagnostic system for the surgery.”

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