Breast Surgery That Solves Pain and Recovery by Advanced Medical Equipment

Breast Surgery That Solves Pain and Recovery by Advanced Medical Equipment

As a glamorous body is getting more desired, celebrities who have a beautiful breast line and volume are showing themselves through various media.

Once you are on the internet, you can easily find photos of ample breasted models, celebrities, TV star, and lacing girls, and they are introduced as ‘bagel girls’ on TV. Because of Asian’s nature of short and small figures, Asian celebrities were usually skinny, too, but the trend of these days is a western body type.

Likewise, everyone is showing their voluptuous bodies, so flat chested women would feel like they are the only ones who have small breasts. If you have smaller breasts than the average, you could have a complex because of the environment or atmosphere surrounding you, and your confidence as a woman may decrease.

Unlike a corrective bra, breast surgery can dramatically change your actual breast size, so people think it over to get out of their complexes. According to an expert in this field, people visit clinics for breast surgery especially in autumn and winter as there’s a less probability of revealing their bodies in these seasons.

Dr. Chung Yooseok from The Line Plastic Surgery said “the breasts are an important area as a symbol of women so it is important to carefully decide the surgery through a consultation with a specialist. As there are many patients worrying about pain and recovery period, using advanced medical equipment and planning a right surgical plan to reduce patients’ burdens are the ways to enhance satisfaction about breast surgery.”

Cutting-edge equipment Harmonic Scalpel, used in surgeries such as all sorts of heart-related surgeries and cancer resections, minimizes side effects of breast surgery and it is effective in reducing recovery period. Detachment, incision, and hemostasis are available at once, and, since it reduces unnecessary incision, bleeding and pain are less, which increases surgical safety.

Wearing a blood bag to drain stagnant blood after surgery or hospitalization to reduce pain are skipped, and you can do daily activities right away, which is good for working women, and it also helps to prevent side effects like capsular contracture.

Teardrop Breast Surgery creating a natural teardrop shape and breast line is a representative surgical method. When you move or lie down, wideness, movements, and feeling are natural and it enables more ideal breast line.

Dr. SHIN Inseok said “If you want to go ahead with Teardrop Breast Surgery without pain and with a quick recovery during autumn or winter, you should select a specialized breast surgery center where an advanced system is established at a top general hospital’s level. Where you can have a customized consultation from an expert and a scientific treatment system is set is also recommendable.”