Expectation of having a V-line through a lifting procedure without having invasive surgery for my angular face

Expectation of having a V-line through a lifting procedure without having invasive surgery for my angular face

An oval shape face is mostly popular with all ages. A smooth facial line makes it possible to look more feminine, but matches well with any kinds of hair styles. On the other hand, an angular facial line due to protruding cheekbones, a blunt U shaped jaw line and sagging cheeks make a stronger impression than the smooth facial line, and it also causes older looks than their actual age.

Of course, many people manage their appearance even though they don’t have a V line face, but no matter what kind of shapes they have, the angular face is definitely one of their complex and they eager to have a V-line.

Nevertheless, it is a hasty judgment that people decide to have an invasive facial contouring surgery to smooth their facial outline, because the facial structure is never decided by the bone shape. University student A(22) was also considering having surgery for the bone to improve his facial outline, but the result of his consultation was surprise. The problem was not because of his bone, and he heard that there is a non-invasive surgery for facial contouring without cutting the bone. His face looked really short, stubby and angular because of the chubby face, but his face can look like an oval shape or a V-line after trimming the fat by this procedure. How lucky is that?

According to Dr. YooSeok Chung from The Line Plastic Surgery, “Actually, many people, who want to have a facial contouring surgery, don’t need a bone surgery. If their lines are not caused by their bones, they can have an improved V lined face by trimming their facial tissues.”

It is applied to the people, who have a U-shaped face by sagging jaw line or whose faces look huge because of their chubby faces. Power V contouring makes a V-line by fat removal from the cheek and double chin area, also trims facial tissues without bone surgery.

This procedure not only has an effect of facial liposuction, but also has natural lifting and skin collagen remodeling effects, so the skin elasticity is improved. If someone has a phenomenon of cheek sagging after facial contouring surgery or bimaxillary operation, the Power V can improve it.

Dr. JuneMo Bang said, “A V-line lifting procedure is much simpler than an invasive surgery, but safety and accuracy should be apriority, because it is performedon the patient’s face. I strongly recommend that you totally understand about your facial state and decide a proper surgery by ample-experienced surgeons, who have their own know-how.”