“Facial Contouring”, which reduces cheekbone-square jaw, is highly stable and less burdensome.

“Facial Contouring”, which reduces cheekbone-square jaw, is highly stable and less burdensome.

It is a season of open recruitment in the second half year; many people are preparing to get a job. For example, they try to be qualified people, and to improve their appearance to show a neat impression.

University graduate Kim SolHee(23), recently put herself on the job market, also joins the effort. She always has a complex about protruding cheekbone and angular square jaw, so she decides to have facial contouring for a graceful and chic figure at the same period of having some jobs.

Of course, she never easily made a decision of having surgery. She used to use aesthetic apparatus to make a V-line and try to change her make-up to look better, but that was really hard for her to be satisfied. She doesn’t want to have stress anymore because of that, therefore the surgery decision was a careful determination for a new start, now she is seeking a concrete facial contouring method as well.

According to Dr. Jung, YooSuk from The Line Plastic Surgery, the surgery for facial contouring used to need a long term period to recover and be a high level of difficulty to perform the surgery compared with the eye and nose surgery. However, it has changed by a high-tech endoscope that means the surgery environment has been changing to a ‘safe’ method and it makes patients reliable.

3D Facial Contouring reduces the side and 45 degree cheekbones, which make the face look fine and makes volume at the front cheekbone. It can be progressing safely through a high-tech endoscope in the mouth. The endoscope checks the blood vessel, soft tissue and bone tissue in the surgical site, so it considers stability as the most important thing and minimizes the recovery period through a minimum incision and exfoliation.

3D square jaw surgery also makes a V-line and a beautiful jaw line to remove unnecessary subcutaneous fat or muscle through mandibular long curved osteotomy without having a secondary angle.  It also minimizes unnecessary tissue damage and bleeding, so it can lower the burden of surgical safety and recovery period. Also it lifts soft tissue to prevent the slack of the facial line and cheek sagging.

Dr. Lee, SoYoung said “Having facial contouring surgery with a vague sense of expectation can be dangerous, please determine the surgery after having careful consideration. If you have decided to have the surgery, you should firstly think which surgery is matched to you, and side-effects of operation. Also a well-equipped hospital with a safe process is important.”