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Hip Hop Group “Troy” with The Line Doctors
Hip-hop musician ‘Troy’ has visited THE LINE plastic surgery clinic.

Troy is an R&B Hip-hop group which has matured & sexy masculine image.
‘JaeWoong’ with his clean-cut feature and statuesque figure, ‘ChangWoo’ with his fashionable sense and characteristic talent, ‘Kanto’ debuted with a single album ‘What You Want’ bringing great expectation in hip-hop world, and ‘Bumkey’ with the hit songs [Bad Girl] & [Attraction] beloved by so many female fans, this group is composed of those charming members.

We’re expecting their new songs coming in this February and hope they are loved by many fans.
Thanks again for visiting THE LINE plastic surgery clinic. 

(You are not allowed to distribute this image without permission from The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic.)


DateJanuary 13, 2014

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