Vinmec and The Line have signed MOU

Vinmec and The Line have signed MOU [Vinmec International Hospital in Vietnam and The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). Prof. Nguyen Thanh Liem (left), Director of Vinmec International Hospital and Dr. Cho, Jaeho (right), President of The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic are shaking hands with each other after signing a MOU.]

The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, Korea and Vinmec International Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which will see them enter into a partnership in the areas of building a plastic surgery center, giving treatments, and sharing medical skills and knowledge.Vinmec International Hospital located in Hanoi has 2 basements and 7 above ground floors, with a total area of up to 2.5 ha. Also, it has 18 departments with 31 specialties and intensive support & high-tech units. VINMEC is the most modern International General Hospital in Vietnam developed as a “Hospital-Facilities” (Hospital – Hotel) model and provides comprehensive medical services for the patients in Vietnam and international patients who travel to Vietnam. The purpose of the Memorandum is to underpin a long-term partnership between the two medical institutions as they work collaboratively on building a plastic surgery center in Hanoi. It will also see joint operation, as well as the educational courses by The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic.

The center which is due to open in Hanoi within a year will provide a unique service for individual patients and patient groups from around the world who look for advanced technical skills in cosmetic treatments. Funded by both parties, it will include the training of doctors / advanced medical facility in Vinmec International Hospital with the expectation of creating more jobs and relevant businesses in Hanoi over the next 5 years. Dr. Cho Jaeho MD PhD., President of The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic, said: “It is an honor to sign the MOU with such a prestigious institution that has an established reputation in the field of healthcare in Vietnam. The Line has been acknowledging that we need Vinmec’s well-organized system to provide customers with better medical environments and high-quality services. I believe that if we combine The Line’s advanced medical skills with sizable management system of Vinmec International Hospital, Vinmec-The Line center which will be co-established and co-operated will show a remarkable result.”

Professor Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem PhD. Director of Vinmec International Hospital added: “Today marks the beginning of a new partnership between the two key medical institutions. Vinmec is grateful for that The Line accepted our suggestion about cooperation at the first step. This signing ceremony of MOU is a seed for our cooperation forward and it’ll grow up as a big tree. I believe that this partnership between The Line and Vinmec will enhance the brand name of both of us at home and abroad. Also, the doctors in The Line and Vinmec will have a good friendship learning from each other and sharing knowledge. I’m happy that we can provide quality services for Vietnamese customers in the near future to meet their esthetic requirements.” Vingroup is concentrating its energy on various business; Vincom Center – the best commercial building in Vietnam, Vinpearl – tourism and leisure service facility, Vincharm – healthcare beauty enterprise, and Vinmec – high quality medical business and Vingroup is now jumping up to be a leading group in the world. Amongst many businesses, Vinmec, the medical business of Vingroup, is a reliable and strong health care brand name in the health sector and it’s currently competing with other leading hospitals in Asia.