It is important to have customized operation for a square jaw reduction and zygomaplasty, the answer is a 3D-CT scan, which is necessary, before the operation.

An art teacher Yeonhee Lee (Female, 27) is seriously concerning about having a square jaw and cheekbone reduction. She has a real feminine character, in contrast her appearance makes her image wild and violent. She is stressing by that.

She has been through a hard time and got misunderstanding in her life because of her visible image, so now she is really eager to have a V shape and a smooth facial line. She has been trying to use an aesthetic massage apparatus and a face reduction massage, but she hasn’t got nothing from that, that is why she is seriously concerning about having facial contouring surgery.

Regarding her story, Dr. YooSeok Chung said, “Of course patients have to be careful about having all kind of plastic surgery, but especially for the facial contouring, for example the cheekbone and jaw surgery, you should think about the safety and recovery time. Lately, the facial contouring has a high safety using an advanced endoscope, which makes possible to make the smallest exfoliation for the surgery and a micro incision. It lightens some burden for patients to reduce their recovery period.”

In the case of The Line’ 3D square jaw reduction, it raises safety to reduce unnecessary damage of tissues and bleeding. In addition it removes obstacles, which causes an angular facial line, at once to make a perfect smooth jaw line by corticectomy or fat and muscle removal.

Also, The Line’ long-curved resection method ,which resects from under the ears to the tip of the chin at once, makes smooth and slim jaw line from 45degree and 90degree angle. It doesn’t mainly resect an angle of jaw, so there is low rate to have side effects and patients do not have to worry about a revision surgery.

The 3D zygomaplasty also gets point of the surgery site’s blood vessel and bone tissue, so it makes possible a minimum exfoliation and microincision in a necessary part only. In addition, it reduces 45degree angle of cheekbone, which makes face curved, and makes volume on a front side of the cheekbone by upward adhesion fixation method, so it is totally possible to make a three dimensional facial line.

Dr. Sangyoon Lee who is a specialist for 3D facial contouring from The Line Plastic Surgery said,” If you are considering about an invasive facial contouring surgery, you should consider your recovery period after the surgery, that is one of ways to raise surgery satisfaction”,” Also, when you choose a hospital, you need to check the hospital that they have a high technique of advanced medical equipment and reside anesthesiologist at ordinary times.”

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