Nose surgery as a Barbie Nose

Nose surgery as a Barbie Nose [Nose surgery(rhinoplasty) as a Barbie Nose, it looks natural having fit in my face]

Sharp and well situated nose make your face look more 3-dimensional also classy. People, who have a flat and round nose, wear an emphasis make-up for their nose.
Not only a make-up, but also some kind of equipment and massage for the nose are used. However, it is too hard to change the nose shape, you have got born, therefore you are tired and stressed.That is why many women want to change their nose dramatically through nose surgery(rhinoplasty). If you choose nose surgery(rhinoplasty) to overcome your complex, as you know the customized consultant is important for processing the surgery.

According to Dr. Jeon, JeongHwan, the latest nose surgery(rhinoplasty) is preferred considering the balance of their nose rather than just high shape of nose. The high and just straight line shape of nose looks mannish or factitious due to the imbalanced in their face, so the trend is making natural line with each individual feature. The Barbie Nose Surgery, the latest preferred, is considered the best surgery for making perfect angle at anywhere and seeing naturally beautiful. It makes your face line from the forehead and the jaw beautifully and 3-dimensionally, also improvement of bimaxillary protrusion and smaller face.
The design point of shaping nose is connecting naturally with nose and nose tip and analyzing specifically. Scanning 3D-CT, before the surgery, is helpful for making sophisticated design and connecting natural line as analyzing exactly nose tip’s angle and height. It could be possible to make own shape of your nose with individual beauty not just like the same as the others. In addition it diagnoses the state of nose status such as a bone structure, cartilage structure and skin layer, in the safety aspect it is highly recommended.

Dr. Lee, SoYoung, the Line Plastic Surgery said “thorough diagnose and analysis such as scanning 3D-CT can possibly improve your surgery satisfaction”, “you should choose a well equipped and consulted with healthcare professional hospital”.