Musical Actor Park Ki Bum

I became very worried due to the the shape of my eyes, nose and my abdomen. I could hide behind heavy makeup but still I didn’t have the confidence that I should have as a TV actor. I started to feel depressed thinking about my career. In order to have a successful career I needed to be much more slim and had a solid body and crisp eyes and nose which I didn’t had. I was quiet worried.

Story Before Surgery

When I stood on the stage due to the light and makeup -my nose and eyes seemed disappeared. Also I didn’t have a phenomenal body which was necessary for a better career. But then leaving all my doubts I looked for a famous plastic surgeon and see a lot of good changes in my body.


During consultation the doctor suggested me abdomen and love handle liposuction and eyelid and nose surgery

Consultation and Surgery

Liposuction surgery (Abdomen and love handle)

In spite of doing constant exercise I was worried that I wasn’t losing as much weight as I wanted to and it was really important for me to control my abdomen fat for a firmer abdomen and abdomen line. Besides it was important to regain my residual fat part of which should be reconstructed with muscle. So I was recommended abdominal liposuction to solve the problems and recommended exercise and a comprehensive balanced diet to keep my body and abdomen in proper shape just as I wanted it to.

Eye Surgery

As I had vary small eyes people used to think that i was sleepy but actually that was not the case. Although both men and women think that eye without eyelids are quite attractive but I was worried that eyes are the first place people gaze at the first contact with people and I was not really confident about this so during my consultation I was recommended double eyelid surgery to make my eyes bigger and wider so i get back the confidence of having eye contact with the audience.

Nose Surgery


It has been a week after  surgery. I have a little bit swelling in my body and face which is normal according to the doctor but thankfully I was not in very much pain. The pain was tolerable and I didn’t have to take pain medication after 2-3 days.



It has been a month after surgery and during my follow up consultation the director said that post operative exercise parralleled the effects on my body as the effects of liposuction is grated when its combined with exercise and diet after surgery and I actually have seen a big change in my body. And as I started dieting from the day after surgery, the result turned out as good as it can be. But after surgery for the first few days I wasn’t allowed to do heavy exercise but after a certain time, the doctors allowed to me to do that.

Postoperative exercise was an excellent choice for catching the body line, because the tissue layer quickly aggregated and the residual fat was discharged and the cellulite was not formed with tightening.

In my follow up appointment I asked the liposuction specialist that what are the important things in abdominal liposuction in men and he said.


It has been two months after surgery and my body and face is much slimmer then compared to before surgery.

It looks like the face looks small when the eyebrows become clear. The face itself starts to look smaller because of the smoother nose and distinctive eyes. I am constantly exercising to make the abs now I finally have a waistline.


On the day of the studio shooting the medical staff members were quite amazed to see the changes in my body and face. I looked much better than I used to look before surgery.


It has been four months after surgery. Now my face looks much more charismatic after my eye and nose surgery.

There was a lot of reaction from the people around after the operation. There were many people asking where I had surgery and asking if I had surgery on my eyes and nose. I was happy because the reactions around me were as good as the result.

Before and After eyelid and Nose surgery





People were also amazed to see my amazing body. Now I have a balance in the whole body line and trim abdomen that is the center of the body.

I had liposuction of the abdomen and the love handle, but the overall balance of the upper body was adjusted. The shoulder and back, slender to the arm, became the inverted triangle of the male figure.


Now I have gained a lot of confidence in myself that I never had before the surgery.