Breast Diagnostic Center Korea (Ultrasound Scan For Cancer)

Breast Diagnostic Center Korea (Ultrasound Scan For Cancer)

The Line Ultrasound Breast diagnostic Center Korea

Breast Cancer Diagnosis analyzes breast structure accurately and chooses the best prostheses and the best way of surgery which fits each patient so that near-perfect outcome without side effects such as capsular contracture is guaranteed. Also, it is essential to regularly check-up the conditions of prostheses and breasts health by ultrasound scan even after the surgery, to make it safe and perfect.

  • The Line Safety System

In our Breast diagnostic center Korea, Accurate Analysis about Breast Structure and Thoracic Tissues by Ultrasound Scan before Breast Surgery!


  • The Line Total Care System


Check-up for Breasts after the Operation along with Breast Cancer diagnosis Examination!

Features of Ultrasound Breast diagnostic center Korea


  • 3D-Analysis

(Size of the Chest, Thickness of the Skin, Wrinkles under Breasts, Distance from Areola, etc.)


  • Ultrasound Scan of Subcutaneous Fat and Muscular Coat


  • Ultrasound Scan for Breast Cancer or Breast-Related Diseases


  • The Best Way of Personalized Operation after Analyzing breast cancer Diagnosis Data


  • Regular and Systematic Breast Health Care after the Operation