Teardrop Breast Surgery Korea

Teardrop Breast Surgery Korea

Teardrop Breast Surgery Korea
Teardrop Breast Surgery Korea

Breast Surgery (Teardrop)

Features of The Line Teardrop Breast Surgery Korea

  • Standard of ideal breast shape
  • Natural TEAR DROP shaped breast line at any angle
  • The first place where TEAR DROP breast surgery was born
  • Safe Operation in co-treatment
The Line Breast Surgery Center Korea
Having 12 years of experiences and know-how
It doesn’t simply fill in breast prostheses inside but diagnoses and analyzes cases accurately with expert surgeons such as plastic surgery specialist with aesthetic sense and breast surgery specialist with well-trained skills & know-how. proceeds with operation through 5-step cooperative medical system from the beginning to the end. Not only near perfect result but also the best condition of patient’s biorhythm may come out giving advantages that recovery time is shortened and the pain is minimized.
  • Natural Breastline
  • Natural Movement
  • Natural Texture

Why do you choose The Line Teardrop Breast Surgery Korea?

Perfect TEAR DROP Shaped Breast Line

Gorgeous TEAR DROP line is possible with 12 years of career of surgery having well-trained skill and know-how

Pain-reducing system by Aquatechnic

Patient’s pain is alleviated by inserting pain-reducing solution during the surgery to detach the layers for breast prosthesis imperceptibly.

Double-sizer System

Patients put on underwear with breast prostheses during consultation so as to predict exact breast size and shape. Also, suitable size is expected for each individual with saline solution bag before cohesive gel is inserted in operation. Finally, the most beautiful TEAR DROP line is what you can get.

Cooperative Treatment System

4-step co-treatment system with plastic surgery specialist, breast surgery specialist, expert surgeon and anesthesia-pain medicine specialist enables to operate keeping patient’s biorhythm the best so that A-one results and satisfying outcome are produced.

365 Days 4 Step Sterilization System

-Step 1. Ultrasound sterilization
-Step 2. medical appliances sterilization
-Step 3. High pressure gas sterilization
-Step 4. E.O. gas sterilization

Teardrop Breast Prosthesis

Tear Drop Prosthesis has the most similar to shape of real female breast. This shape downsizes the gap caused by breast prostheses after the surgery so it reduces risks of side effects such as capsular contracture, change of position etc. Natural and beautiful shape of breasts can you have with TEAR DROP shaped breast prostheses in which ergonomic design is applied.

Existing Circular Breast Prosthesis vs Teardrop Breast Prosthesis Korea

Existing Circular Prosthesis

It is most general prosthesis which keeps natural shape when you are standing and lying and it make breasts voluminous overall.

Tear Drop Prosthesis

The shape is most similar to real female breast giving more natural look after the surgery and the lower part of the breasts become voluptuous in TEAR DROP shape.