The Most Amazing Facial Contouring Surgeries Before and Afters

South Korea, specifically Seoul, is the center of cosmetic surgery. Every year, thousands of women go under plastic surgeries to get the face and body they desire, and one of the most popular cosmetic procedures is Facial Contouring.
If you didn’t know, facial contouring is a cosmetic procedures that’s done to your face in order to improve several features or areas (the nose, the cheeks, the jaw…) and make you look amazing.

Facial contouring transformation

Through Facial Contouring qualified surgeons shape your face to give you that “perfect” look everyone is after. They “reconstruct” your face, to say so, to really enhance the beauty of your natural features and change the ones you don’t like so much.
One of the most common before and after for women that go under this type of surgery is the shaping for their jaws. A lot of women tend to have either a prominent or very small (almost non existent jaw) and with face contouring, they can change that into a perfect shaped oval face with defined jaw structure.
Another common before and after for women are the cheekbones. They add definition to the face, something a lot of women don’t have, and with Facial contouring can finally get, achieving that fresh-healthy look.
Of course, there is the is also changes being made on the nose to make it look smaller, thinner and defined. It’s another procedure that both Korean women and men tend to get done too.
The main idea of the facial contouring cosmetic procedure is to get that perfectly aesthetic oval shape (in women) that looks so soft and pretty, while in men is to get that sharp, very defined square face.
That’s why, when it comes to this kind of procedures, before and afters are so shocking to everyone: Because the person’s main features have been significantly changed for the better.
Cheekbones, jawlines, nose, and even the eye area have been touched to make them look ten times better. So don’t be surprised to see before and afters so different from one another, because that’s what this procedure is all about!
Here are some photos of very amazing before and afters you should totally see!


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