Things To Consider Before Lower Eyelid Surgery

Things To Consider Before Lower Eyelid Surgery

With age peoples skin starts to become saggy and also might see signs of aging such as dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes or bags under eyes. If you face these problems lower eyelid belpharoplasty may be the right choice for you. But before going for any surgery a few things are needed to be considered.

Eye condition:

At first you have to consider your eye condition. If you have dark circles under eyes, under eye bag or wrinkles under eye than you can consider going for lower eyelid surgery. But before taking any decision it is better to talk to a certified surgeon for proper diagnosis and right treatment guideline.

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Surgery Method:

The doctors can use one of the two methods of surgery depending on eye condition. Either traditional method or transconjunctival method.

Traditional method: In this method doctor makes incision right under the eyelash line to expose orbital fat and removes some fat and reposition the rest of it.

Transconjunctival method: In this method doctor makes incision inside the eyelid to remove fat trough eyelid. So there will be no visible scars.


Recovery takes around 7-10 days. After 7 days you have to come back to doctor for stitches removal. If dissolvable stitches are used then it would dissolve on its own.


Usually the final result shows in 4-6 months. Results lasts for up to 4-5 year as with age skin will start getting saggy again. But if properly maintained you can have a much longer lasting effect.

Preparations before and after surgery:

There will be some preparations pre and post surgery such as before surgery stay fasting for a certain period of time, have someone with you to drive you hotel or home after surgery as you will be given IV medication and pain meds. Also have ice pack, gauze, eye drop or prescribed medicine with you at home. Also as there will be little bit swelling maintain doctors advise word by word. If you face problem contact the clinic or doctor immediately .

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