What is an accurate and safe method of liposuction for the usual type of trouble about a body shape even in winter?

What is an accurate and safe method of liposuction for the usual type of trouble about a body shape even in winter?

It would not be wrong to say, women are always dieting their whole life. We can see many celebrities and even ordinary people, who have a slim and slender body shape, so women keep themselves on their toes to go on a diet every time.

People endlessly diet for thorough self-management, but some other cases they cannot finish the diet, because it is not easy to lose their weight and fat. It is really useless that people repeat a process of dissatisfaction diet result which starts from the end of spring.

Especially, the back side of the flank, love handle and inner side of the thigh are the most concerning part of the body. They are the part where you cannot get rid of the extra flab easily. That’s why we often see people get stressed because of the unsatisfied result through the painful diet method.

Therefore, many people choose liposuction to solve the problem. The liposuction removes fat in difficult areas, then people can get a direct change in figure, also it reshapes the body line slim from the skin dimpling and nodularity.

According to Dr. Cho, JaeHo from The Line Plastic Surgery, it is important to check panniculus and soft tissues through ultrasonography for precise operation. It is affected removal the adequate amounts of fat layer without blood vessel and muscle damage by judgment of the operation part and patient’s body type condition.

The latest liposuction is progressed through the armpit, belly button, end of tailbone and the pelvis, so the scar is almost invisible. People are able to wear a revealing cloth such as a bikini without worry.

When having large volume liposuction, it is also possible to suck out the fat delicately, it minimizes the pain and bleeding during the operation. In addition, it is feasible to prevent side effects such as skin unbalance, lack or an excessive amount of aspirated fat, scars and sagging skin, which might be the reason of revision liposuction.

In case of revision liposuction due to these side effects, patients need to be checked the failure reason of the first liposuction through ultrasonography, then doctors try to progress accurate liposuction, also patients are able to get a satisfied result of the revision surgery.

Dr. Seo, YongSeung said “If liposuction is thoughtlessly progressed, unexpected result will appear such as the skin unbalance and visible scar in the abdominal and thigh. Patients should make a plan by having enough consultations with specialists for the surgery.”