What is Smart Lipo Surgery ?

What is Smart Lipo Surgery ?

Treating with located fat can be quite a problem since it won’t go away through exercise or dieting, no matter how hard you try. But, luckily for you, there is liposuction.

There are many kinds of surgical procedures to treat and remove fat, being liposuction the most famous of them all. And the great thing is, there are several kinds of liposuctions each one targeted to help and slimming down different parts of your body. And today, we’ll talk about smart lipo.

Smart lipo, also known as smart liposuction, is one of the many types of lipo surgeries you can get done. However, this one is specifically targeted to reduce and remove fat in very specific areas of your body.

Meanwhile, general liposuction is about removing fat from a general part of your body (Like the abdomen or thighs), smart lipo is a non-invasive, medical procedure done to remove fat from more specific parts of your body, like the face and the neck.

If you have a great amount of fat located in your checks or maybe in your neck or jaws, then smart lipo is the right surgery to get. Since it tackles all of those areas, removing the unwanted fat.

Get to know the procedure

Smart Lipo is done using laser technology, which is applied to the affected area to break down and liquefy the fat located there. Then, much like happens with regular liposuction, this fat is removed via a cannula.

Since it is done using only laser technology and a very small tube, smart liposuction is considered a non-invasive surgery. It is quick, it leaves no scars, and it isn’t invasive, making it the perfect option for you!

Like we mentioned before, Smart lipo is usually done to remove fat from the face and neck area. Since they are such sensitive parts of our bodies, a small, minimally invasive procedure is the right one to get.

You will be put under local anesthesia when going under surgery, and won’t be required to stay overnight at the hospital. Also, the recovery time is extremely quick, and you won’t have to deal with long periods of resting. You will be out of the hospital sooner than you think!