Non Incisional Ptosis Correction Korea (Eyes Correction)

Non Incisional Ptosis Correction Korea (Eyes Correction)

Non-incision Eyes Correction
Non Incision Ptosis Correction Eye Surgery Korea


Its an Advanced corrective eye surgery maintaining double eyelid line semi-permanently.

Blepharoptosis is caused when the muscles that help the eyes opened are too weak. It creates glassy eyes and looks as the drooping eyelids cover the pupil. In this case, you can have beautiful eyes through ptosis correction.

The features of The Line Non-Incision Ptosis Correction / Corrective Eye Surgery

Eyelid Ptosis correction Surgery without incision
A quick recovery and a little swelling since there is no surgical incision in the Corrective Eye Surgery.
It keeps the double eyelid line semi-permanently through a multi-point knot method of corrective eye surgery, Sharp and clear eyes is easily achievable with this corrective  eyelid ptosis correction Surgery.

Incision Method eye before after image 2