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[Breasts Reduced after Breast Feeding…Breast Enlargement through an Ultrasound Scan]

A housewife, Kang Jun-mi (34), breastfed her second child recently and was worrying about her reduced breast size.

Her breasts were small even before the childbirth and they became flatter after the breastfeeding her two children. She changed her innerwear to corrective bras.

Seeing her children, she felt happy but her self-esteem as a woman went down. Whenever she wore clothes to go out, the fit was not good at all and when she looked into the mirror, she even felt desperate.

Jun-mi, agonizing over her old-set complex, decided to undergo surgery after a discussion with her husband. She worried about their children who still need their mom but her stress about the breasts were a lot more worrisome than about her children.

According to Dr. Shin, InSeok, recent breast surgery prevents unnecessary incision and it’s performed accurately which minimizes pain and recovery time. Through an ultrasound scan, breast tissues and physical condition are exactly diagnosed and a necessary part is elaborately micro-detached, minimizing blood vessel and nerve damage.

Also, he said, in conventional breast plastic surgery, the recovery time was long and pain was heavy, but the breast surgery followed by ultrasound scan enables you to leave the clinic right away after the operation, called ‘One-day Painless Breast Surgery’. Thanks to the minimum detachment and bleeding, hospitalization which was needed for patients to wear a plastic tube to drain away any excess fluids or blood into a bag is not necessary.

Besides, as there’s less nerve and blood vessel damage, it can prevent side effects such as capsular contracture that the breasts get hardened because of excess capsula, and one’s physical state such as breast cancer is checked up for safer surgery.

Teardrop Breast Surgery, recently preferred breast augmentation using teardrop shaped implants proceeds with ultrasound scanning. Through this, the location where the implant will be put is carefully identified and surgical satisfaction is enhanced through this elaborate procedure.

Dr. Chung, YooSeok said “if you think voluptuous breasts are the only one way to regain self-confidence, I’d rather recommend having a consultation on breast surgery than being under stress due to a flat chest. It is important to find a specialized breast surgery center where the breast state is exactly diagnosed and the operations are performed by specialists along with an exclusive treatment system.”

[An Important Thing About Rhinoplasty Is a Balance With The Face]

A business woman Y(25) has a habit that she stares at other people’s nose. Her nose is really flat, literally she doesn’t have volume on her nasal bridge. When she watches TV, she focuses on celebrities’ high nasal bridges, also when she walks around on the street as well.

She has experienced mental distress, due to her nose shape, also she was intimidated in front of other people by her inferiority complex. Also, she has got stress that she couldn’t get much satisfaction from her make-up and some aesthetic apparatuses.

Finally, she made her mind to have rhinoplasty with worry, but still she is concerned about an artificial shape result after the surgery such as “Pinocchio” or artificial plastic shapes. She feels that if she is going to have an artificial plastic shape after rhinoplasty, then she will get more complexes about that. Is there any way to have a natural shape of the nose after surgery without looking like you had surgery?

Dr. YooSeok Chung from The Line Plastic Surgery said, “It is important to have rhinoplasty and you need to think about connection of the nasal bridge and height of the tip, also an angle of the whole shape”. It means that if you are not going to consider having rhinoplasty without thinking about face balance, the surgery cannot be considered successfully done, like when you wear an awkward cloth. However, a well-balanced nose with the facial shape makes you look more chic.”

Therefore, a Barbie Nose Surgery at The Line is focused on this reason. This surgery never only considers the nose shape, but also an angle and view from any angle. It makes a natural face line with a beautiful nose, so it is also preferred in all ages. Every kind of the nose shapes such as flat, hump and hooked shapes of the nose can be changed to a Barbie doll nose. In addition, this shape harmonizes with the forehead and the jaw line, so it makes your face look slim, also a protruding mouth will be improved.

A 3D-CT scan is really important before having Barbie nose surgery, because the scanning affects a chic design of the nose. It analyses the nasal bridge, height and angle of the nasal tip to make a natural shape, also helps to understand about individual facial structure such as the bone, structure of the cartilage and skin layer, so it creates character for each patient.

The 3D-CT scan goes for a revision rhinoplasty as well. It is possible to diagnose the reasons of the previous surgery failure and consequently makes high satisfaction. The Barbie nose surgery makes it possible to change the previous artificial shape to a really natural and chic shape by analysis of the angle of the nasal tip and bridge.

According to Dr. JeongHwan Jeon, “Rhinoplasty is one of the preferred surgeries without distinction of sex and age, however, even if the nose shape change a little bit, that makes people’s impression or image change a lot. Therefore, patients need to find an ample experienced medical expert for their rhinopalsty and have an enough consultation before the surgery to check up the nose state exactly.”

[Breast Surgery, It Is Important To Have Safe Surgery Through High-Tech Medical Equipment]

The breast is the most important part of the women’s body and it is linked with women’s self-confidence. A natural teardrop shape and ample size of the breast are all women’s dreams, especially, the people, who are glamorous and have a baby face, are popular in these days.

In addition, it is the era when people have appearance competitiveness, and the body line is also an important factor of the competitiveness, so small sizes of the breasts could be a complex regarding that. To solve the complex, people wear a corrective bra and use aesthetic apparatus, but they can’t have 100% satisfaction.

Therefore, people consider having breast surgery, which is able to dramatically change their breast sizes and get you confidence. However people should carefully choose the surgery. In particular, many people worry about the pain and recovery period, so they prefer to have a short recovery period, also a safe and painless surgery.

According to Dr. YooSeok Chung, trendy breast surgery makes it possible to reduce pain and recovery period through high-tech medical equipment. Using the high-tech medical equipment such as a harmonic scalpel minimizes side effects and reduces the recovery period.

The harmonic scalpel is used in the heart surgery and carcinectomy, which need a delicate skill. It reduces unnecessary incision to minimize surrounding tissue damage and pain, also raises safety to prevent side effects.

When you are having the surgery incision, exfoliation and hemostasis are possible by one-stop surgery method, so the method makes it possible to recover in a short period of time, because it causes little bleeding during the surgery. It is also suitable for business women, who need to have daily life immediately after surgery, because it doesn’t need a hospital stay or wear blood bags.

Furthermore, Teardrop breast surgery is one of the surgeries which uses the harmonic scalpel and natural shape implants. It makes a total ideal breast line and the feeling of the breast is totally natural even though people lie down or have strenuous movement. Also this surgery is preferred by people who want to get a beautiful cleavage.

Dr. YongHyun Cho said, “Many patients have consultations about their breast surgery especially in fall and winter. They are interested in Teardrop Breast Surgery, which makes patients recover quickly. In that case people really should choose a clinic specialized in the breast surgery, which has an advanced diagnostic system for the surgery.”

  • "For safer and more accurate surgery, patients need to get their breast tissue and condition checked through 3D ultrasound scanning and get their breast structure, thorax tissue, and if they get breast cancer checked. This process reduces side-effects and pain as well as it leads to a fast recovery."
    Dr.Shin, The Line Clinic
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