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[The Line Plastic Surgery – Nonghyup Foundation, Madea Free Cosmetic Surgery Business Agreement for Farm Workers]

The Line Plastic Surgery opined that they provide extended support for free cosmetic surgery for farm workers through a business agreement with Nonghyup Foundation.

This agreement makes the farm workers get supported for following surgery; not only the facial disorder, but also the eye (sagging eyelid), nose (hump reduction, nasal bone correction), facial contouring (square jaw reduction, cheekbone reduction) and breast surgery.

The Line Plastic Surgery and Nonghyup Foundation have made the agreement last year and been proceeding with the free surgery for people who live in rural areas with poor medical environments. They are looking forward to improving their quality of life and promoting welfare through the agreement.

Dr. Cho, JaeHo from The Line Plastic Surgery said, “I am going to try harderfor many people, who need social and economical assistance. They can take an advantage such as various health care benefits through this kind of talent donation agreement.”

[What Is Safer Way to Have a Mandibular& Malar“Osteotomy”?]

Summer holiday is the optimal period for students to enjoy the summer on the mountain or by the sea. However, nowadays,many people are focusing on self-improvement such as studying for job opportunities, having plastic surgery, and going on a diet for their future career instead of having their summer holidays.

Especially summer holiday is recognized as a time to resolve one’s complex or to have plastic surgery to make a good impression at job interviews. There are many people who increase their self-esteem having eyes and nose surgery, which are known as relatively simple operation. Besides, we often see people who carefully consider a variety of plastic surgery.

In a general point of view, however, facial contouring that can be simply classified as cheekbone contouring and square jaw reduction is demanding surgery compared with eyes or nose surgery due to the fact that it needs osteotomy. Some students want to reshape their square jaw and get rid of a complex about their high cheekbones, but they have a false sense of the surgery that it needs a long recovery time.

According to Dr. Kim, HongYul, recent facial contouring doesn’t need that much time to recover because of minimal incision and detachment through advanced intraoral endoscopy. Through the endoscope for facial contouring, only vessels, soft tissue and bone tissue on the surgical sites are grasped in real time and it enhances accuracy and elaborateness of the surgery.

3D zygomaplasty is highly preferred surgery amongst many patients as it can make your face three dimensional and your side and 45〬 angle slimmer. Also, it gives volume on the frontal zygoma area. In this surgery, upward-fixation method is used and it makes the zygomatic arch and bone tissue relocated to adhere tightly, and it prevents side-effects such as sagging skin.

Moreover, 3D square jaw is the way to lift and fix soft tissue. It minimizes skin sagging. It’s not only focusing on reshaping square jaw under the ear, but also shaving it from the angle under the ear to the chin at one go that it prevents secondary angle which is regarded as a causative factor in revision surgery.

Dr. Lee, So Young said “Facial contouring should be conducted by medical professional with ripe experience in facial bone surgery not only to make smooth and beautiful face outline but also minimize side effects and enhance the stability of the surgery”. “You have to choose a clinic where endoscopes for facial contouring are ready to use along with emergency system of the level of top general hospitals.”

[Liposuction, Accurate Amount of Aspiration Available through Ultrasound Scans…Great Results]

An office worker,Miss A (33 years), panicked when she wore jeans that she had kept in her closet. It was okay until last year but now she can’t close the button, and the waist is so tight. As there was no big change in her weight, she’s so depressed thinking it’s because of her increasing fat as aged. Being over 30 years old, she started to get fatty here and there in her body even though there was no big change in her weight, and her body line started to change, so her body shape with clothes worn became totally different. Finally, Miss A cannot help but throw the jeans away that she couldn’t put on at all and took a deep sigh in front of the mirror.

Even when you had a nice body in your 20’s, you easily get fat in your sides and arms when you enter into your 30’s as the basal metabolic rate goes down with aging. It is difficult to see an effect of exercise that you used to see in your 20’s, when the basal metabolic rate was relatively high, also you get easily return to your fatty body if you are less concerned about your diet.

On the contrary, you could get a lot of stress from a strict diet and exercise, so many people want to overcome it through body contouring surgery such as liposuction. Arm, thigh, and abdomen liposuction are a way to overcome your fatty body,in which unnecessary fat is aspirated. Also, your body line, that once lost its beauty with aging, can be trimmed through it.

Dr. Cho JaeHo from The Line Plastic Surgery said “A recent liposuction technique lessens your worry about scars by making an incision in the tailbone area or inside of the navel or pelvis area. Also, whole-body-makeover is possible through 360° liposuction which aspirates all fat layers in the body. However, all kinds of operations should be performed after a lot of considerations, so you have to plan an accurate operation through ultrasound scans and minimize side effects.”

If you get ultrasound diagnosis before undergoing the surgery, soft tissues are examined, subcutaneous fat layer and the body contour overall are diagnosed so you can identify how much of the subcutaneous fat layer you’ll remove. Since exact amount of fat is elaborately and cleanly aspirated, postoperative pain and bleeding that might occur during the operation can be minimized.

You can prevent most of the causes that brings revision surgery, such as sagging skin, scars around the aspirated area, insufficient or excessive aspiration amount, and skin irregularity. In case you already have these side effects and choose to undergo revision surgery, you can identify what made the initial surgery fail, through ultrasound diagnosis, and try exact aspiration to enhance surgical satisfaction.

Dr. Seo,YoungSeung said, “To enhance satisfaction of liposuction and revision liposuction, a customized consultation with a specialist who has ample clinical experience is necessary as well as preoperative diagnosis and analysis through a cutting-edge equipment such as ultrasound scans, radiofrequency laser, etc. I recommend you to choose a clinic where a skillful doctor with ample operating experience and qualifications personally conducts consultations and operations.

  • "For safer and more accurate surgery, patients need to get their breast tissue and condition checked through 3D ultrasound scanning and get their breast structure, thorax tissue, and if they get breast cancer checked. This process reduces side-effects and pain as well as it leads to a fast recovery."
    Dr.Shin, The Line Clinic
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