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[It is possible for you to have a Natural Chic of Barbie Doll Nose through a real rhinoplasty.]

The thing that catches the eyes of people, who have a flat nose bridge and bulbous alar base, is another people who have an opposite shape of the nose.  They are arresting the people’s attention with a sharp and high bridge nose. It is a daily life to a business woman, A, that she just gazes people’s nose when she is walking on the street. Actually her nose is not that bad, which is just a normal flat and round shape and size of Koreans’, but she is eager to have a sharp and chic nose bridge.

Generally, a high nose bridge and lively angle of the nose tip make the face look more three dimensional also bring a chic. The nose is placed in the middle of the face, so it is an important point to determine the first impression of someone. That is why people consider having rhinoplasty.

Dr. Chung, YooSeok said “Whether a big or small shape of the nose, patients wants a chic and feminine nose. Actually, patients never concretely ask how to change their nose and they just keep saying that they want to have a higher bridge of the nose than now. I think it is just a delicate psychology of patients to change a whole appearance through rhinoplasty.”

Of course the clinic never recommends unquestioningly a high bridge or trendy shape of the nose. The high and straight nose feels like too much manly and artificial, so it is important to consider an overall balance with the face, alsothe trend in these daysto make a natural line fitting patients’ individual character.

Barbie nose surgery is one of the rhinoplasties which makes a natural nose line fitting the face, and it is recently preferred by patients. It typifies the three dimensional facial outline not only for the nose line, but also the line from the forehead to the tip of the chin. In addition, patients can expect the effects which improve a protrude mouth and downsize the face size.

For this kind of natural nose line, 3D-CT scanning is necessary before the surgery. It is a decisive role to design the nose bridge and the height and angle of the nose tip through rigorous analysis. Furthermore, it is a total safe system to diagnose a structure of the cartilage and skin layer.

Dr. Jeon, JungHwan from The Line Plastic Surgery said”The most high satisfaction of rhinoplasty is tofind a well-matched nose shape with each patient’s image, so the 3D-CT scanning before the surgery is a really important process to make a perfect shape along with the each patient’s image. You should choose a clinic which proceeds with customized diagnosis and exhaustive analysis for rhinoplasty.”

[It is important to have customized operation for a square jaw reduction and zygomaplasty, the answer is a 3D-CT scan, which is necessary, before the operation.]

An art teacher Yeonhee Lee (Female, 27) is seriously concerning about having a square jaw and cheekbone reduction. She has a real feminine character, in contrast her appearance makes her image wild and violent. She is stressing by that.

She has been through a hard time and got misunderstanding in her life because of her visible image, so now she is really eager to have a V shape and a smooth facial line. She has been trying to use an aesthetic massage apparatus and a face reduction massage, but she hasn’t got nothing from that, that is why she is seriously concerning about having facial contouring surgery.

Regarding her story, Dr. YooSeok Chung said, “Of course patients have to be careful about having all kind of plastic surgery, but especially for the facial contouring, for example the cheekbone and jaw surgery, you should think about the safety and recovery time. Lately, the facial contouring has a high safety using an advanced endoscope, which makes possible to make the smallest exfoliation for the surgery and a micro incision. It lightens some burden for patients to reduce their recovery period.”

In the case of The Line’ 3D square jaw reduction, it raises safety to reduce unnecessary damage of tissues and bleeding. In addition it removes obstacles, which causes an angular facial line, at once to make a perfect smooth jaw line by corticectomy or fat and muscle removal.

Also, The Line’ long-curved resection method ,which resects from under the ears to the tip of the chin at once, makes smooth and slim jaw line from 45degree and 90degree angle. It doesn’t mainly resect an angle of jaw, so there is low rate to have side effects and patients do not have to worry about a revision surgery.

The 3D zygomaplasty also gets point of the surgery site’s blood vessel and bone tissue, so it makes possible a minimum exfoliation and microincision in a necessary part only. In addition, it reduces 45degree angle of cheekbone, which makes face curved, and makes volume on a front side of the cheekbone by upward adhesion fixation method, so it is totally possible to make a three dimensional facial line.

Dr. Sangyoon Lee who is a specialist for 3D facial contouring from The Line Plastic Surgery said,” If you are considering about an invasive facial contouring surgery, you should consider your recovery period after the surgery, that is one of ways to raise surgery satisfaction”,” Also, when you choose a hospital, you need to check the hospital that they have a high technique of advanced medical equipment and reside anesthesiologist at ordinary times.”

[Using The Upward Fixation Method To Prevent Sagging Cheeks After Zygomaplasty]

There are unexpectedly many people who get stress from protruding cheekbones between the forehead and cheeks. A moderately bulging cheekbone makes beautiful volume for the face, but the problem is a protruding cheekbone on the side face line. These days, a V shape of the face line takes centre stage, so the protruding side cheekbone is a complex rather than people’s individuality.

People try to make the cheekbone hidden with their hair style or make-up, but there is a limitation with same style and make-up for their whole life. Therefore, facial contouring surgery such as zygomaplsty is a tempting surgery for people, who have protruding cheekbones. The point to make a slim line is to remove the protruding cheekbones.

However, many people worry about some side effects after the surgery, for example, sagging cheeks. Business woman A said “It is really good to make my protruding cheekbones slim, but I am still considering having surgery because of some side effects, especially the sagging cheeks after the surgery”.

Of course people find a safety and accurate surgery methods, because it improves their facial outlines. Dr. YooSeok Chung from The Line Plastic Surgery said “People should choose a proper way to have surgery in each their face shape by medical professional’s exact diagnosis. Also they need to check their facial bone to prevent the sagging cheeks or sagging cheekbones side effect by 3D-CT scan analysis.”

If patients are young or have great tissue cohesiveness of their face, it would be possible to recover in a short time, but we can’t overlook the skin sagging. The best effort to solve the problem is the way to prevent to have another revision facial contouring surgery after the first one.

In the case of 3D zygomaplsty, it is performed by upward-fixation method, which fixes tightly the cheekbone. The upward fixation makes volume on the face and fixes to the upward way, so it prevents the skin sagging after the surgery. It reduces the protruding cheekbone symptom and makes volume on the frontal side of the cheekbone as well.

Dr. SoYoung Lee from The Line Plastic Surgery said, “Unconditional surgery for the cheekbone causes a side effect such as sagging cheeks or cheekbone. Therefore, patients choose much experienced specialists and a proper type of surgery through an exact diagnostic analysis. Also, if you need a revision surgery for the facial contouring, these are also the most important fact to have the surgery.”

  • "For safer and more accurate surgery, patients need to get their breast tissue and condition checked through 3D ultrasound scanning and get their breast structure, thorax tissue, and if they get breast cancer checked. This process reduces side-effects and pain as well as it leads to a fast recovery."
    Dr.Shin, The Line Clinic
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