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[“Nasty belly fat” If you chose abdomen liposuction… you must have an ‘ultrasound scan” before the surgery.]

Abdominal muscles (Abs) are stated to be the best body figure regardless of age or gender. Everyone hopes to get a great body with great abs, however it is not easy to handle their luxury body figure in their busy life.

While they are only sitting in an office or class room, the body movement is decreasing then this makes your abdomen get fat. Also your nightlife or studying late with greasy foods and drinks will make more fat accumulated in your abdomen.

Even if you start to exercise, the fat will not be reduced easily then you could be frustrated. Especially the abdominal fat settles well and quickly along with other parts of the body. Normally you do muscle exercises once in 2~3 days, but the abs needs more exercises than any other parts to have nice and toned abs.

If a person does not have enough time to do exercise or the fat has been accumulated for a long time in the body, exercise is ineffective then you could get stressed. That is why people want to get liposuction to solve fat problem.

According to Dr. Seo, YongSeung in body contouring center at The Line Plastic Surgery, the abdomen is the best part when liposuction is applied except when it is visceral fat, so patient satisfaction and preference are really high.

Even with continuous exercise, the flank and back cannot easily lose weight, but, through Love handles and Corset liposuction, you can make smooth and sleek back line. Invisible scar is a great advantage of this surgery and, due to process through your tailbone or belly button, you don’t need to worry about the scar exposure.

The important things before the liposuction are you should get a rigorous analysis regarding thickness, position, density of your fat and check the visceral fat in the abdomen. Through all these process, state of patient’s body shape and the right area for the surgery can be figured out and adequate amount of fat can be effectively aspirated.

Dr. Cho,JaeHo at The Line Plastic Surgery said “Removing adequate amount of fat layer through ultrasound scan, without damageto the muscles and soft tissues,minimizes side effects such as skin irregularities”. “It is necessary to choose a right clinic which not only has advanced equipment such as ultrasonic waves and endoscope but also clinical experience and knowhow.”

[Nose surgery(Rhinoplasty) like a Barbie’s, it looks natural when it fits in with your face]

Sharp and well positioned nose makes your face look more 3-dimensional and classy. People, who have a typical Korean nose, flat and round, use to wear a heavy make-up to make their nose look higher.

Beyond the help of make-up, people use some appliances or receive massage to change their nose shape. However, it is too hard to change one’s nose shape which you were born with. Therefore you easily get sick of it and get stressed because of it.

This is why many women want to change their nose shape dramatically through nose surgery(rhinoplasty). If you choose to get nose surgery(rhinoplasty) to overcome your complex, as you may well know,customized consultation is very important.

According to Dr. Jeon,Jeong Hwan from The Line plastic surgery clinic,rhinoplasty that reflects the whole balance of the nose is preferred recently to make it just high. Simply high and straight nose can look mannish or factitious due to imbalance in their face, so the trend nowadays is to make a natural line according to personal trait of each patient.

Barbie Nose Surgery, preferred amongst patients lately, is considered as a customized rhinoplasty that is like a nose of a doll and looks natural from any angle.It makes your profile line from the forehead to the chin beautiful and 3-dimensional. Also it gives an effect of improvement to protruding mouth and it makes your face look smaller.

The point of nose reshaping is to accurately analyze the angle of nasal bridge and nasal tip to connect them naturally.

Through 3D-CT scanning before surgery, the height of nasal bridge and nasal tip, and the angle of it are completely analyzed and it helps to design the nose delicately with natural connection. It is also possible to understand the traits of individual facial structure and create character which is different from others that you can have your own nose shape with your own beauty.

In addition, it diagnoses the state of nose such as bone structure, cartilage structure and skin layer that you can not only have customized surgery like Barbie-nose surgery but also highly safe surgery in the aspect of ENT.

Dr. Lee,So Young, from the Line Plastic Surgery, said “Thorough diagnosis and analysis such as 3D-CT scanning can improve your satisfaction about the surgery.”“You need to choose a well-equipped clinic where you can have a 1:1 consultation with medical professionals.”

[“Just like your inborn eyes”natural eyelid surgery: natural-adhesion-inducing method]

With increased interest in appearance and beauty, many people want to enhance their appearance. There are a lot of ways to remedy their shortcomings and to improve their attractiveness such as make-up, hair styling, fashion, and skin care, but in many ways you still cannot get a satisfaction, so you beccome to consider cosmetic surgery.


Especially, double eyelid surgery is one of the highly preferred cosmetic surgeries as a way to get rid of their inferiority complex. The eyes of Korean people have oriental charm in its smallness and it looks like it’s penetrating, but if you want to have big and large eyes youmight be unsatisfied with yourcurrent eyes.


Eye surgery is chosen by many people like students during their school holidays and by middle aged women for their upper blepharoplasty, but you have to consider very well and make a decision for your eye surgery through the advice of specialists. If the lines of your eyes look unnatural and surgical scars areobvious,you may not be satisfied with it. Also, you will get another complex from the previous surgery.


Dr. Park,YongSam, from The Line Plastic Surgery, said “If you had unnatural double eyelids from the previous wrong surgery or your eyes look smaller than before even though you had a surgery, you will be distressed.”“These days, people prefer to have surgery which makes your eyes look clearer and just like your inborn eyes”.


Natural adhesion inducing method is upgraded version from the existing buried sutures method. It induces adhesion between the skin and the tissue under the skinmaking natural lines. Also, there is less worry about the problem of untying. Through a small hole of the skin, it can get rid of enough fat without incision, also the swelling in your eyes is really slight that you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible.


If you want to get clearer eye lines, you can consider Crystal Eyelid Surgery which is a kind ofnatural-adhesion-inducing-method. It combines double eyelids surgery withepicanthoplasty to make clearer lines and natural eyes and the change of the eyes along with the movements of it is reflected in the operation in detail to complete natural eye shape.


Dr. Jeon,JeongHwan said “It is important to apply a right surgical method according to patients’ state considering thickness of the eyelids and sagging of it. Also if you want natural-adhesion-inducingmethod, you should have an enough counsellingwith specialists aboutsuitability for the surgery along with sagging degreeof your eyes and thickness of your eyelids.”


Photo provider: The Line Plastic Surgery

  • "For safer and more accurate surgery, patients need to get their breast tissue and condition checked through 3D ultrasound scanning and get their breast structure, thorax tissue, and if they get breast cancer checked. This process reduces side-effects and pain as well as it leads to a fast recovery."
    Dr.Shin, The Line Clinic
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