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[The Line Plastic Surgery, the Second Winner at Cannes International Aesthetic Film Festival (CIAFF) as the First Awardeein Asia!]

On the last 13th of Sep, The Line Plastic Surgery’s entry received a Second Winner award in “the 3rd Cannes International Aesthetic Film Festival(CIAFF)” sponsored by F.A.C.E 2 F@ce Congress for the first time as an Asian country.


This was the third time to have been convened and it is internationally super famous as a film festival and sponsored by F.A.C.E. 2 f@ce Congress. The festival deals with issues regarding creativity and awards a prize for the best aesthetic medical film. To enter the competition, the contents should be related with aesthetic medicine or surgery.


The competition section is total four sections, which are aesthetic medicine, aesthetic surgery, industry and humanitarian efforts. The Line Plastic Surgery received an award in the category of aesthetic surgery with a film title “The Mirror”.


‘The Mirror’ directed by Dr. Jung, YooSuk from The Line Plastic Surgery is a 15 minute-long short film, and the theme of the film is to transfer one’s inner beauty to exterior beauty, and the film shows the enhancement of one’s self-esteem and the recovery of humanity through aesthetic surgery. It shows that a girl who has a complex about her looks gets into the ‘Mirror World’ and gains beauty with the help of a sorcerer (doctor).


“The Mirror” received attention and favorable comments from many spectators after the showing of the film.


Dr.  Jung, YooSuk said “It is a real honor that “The Mirror” is shown in front of people, but also we are the first winner in Asian countries. I hope that it is a real chance to reduce implicit negative attitudes towards plastic surgery.”

[Breasts Reduced after Breast Feeding…Breast Enlargement through an Ultrasound Scan]

A housewife, Kang Jun-mi (34), breastfed her second child recently and was worrying about her reduced breast size.

Her breasts were small even before the childbirth and they became flatter after the breastfeeding her two children. She changed her innerwear to corrective bras.

Seeing her children, she felt happy but her self-esteem as a woman went down. Whenever she wore clothes to go out, the fit was not good at all and when she looked into the mirror, she even felt desperate.

Jun-mi, agonizing over her old-set complex, decided to undergo surgery after a discussion with her husband. She worried about their children who still need their mom but her stress about the breasts were a lot more worrisome than about her children.

According to Dr. Shin, InSeok, recent breast surgery prevents unnecessary incision and it’s performed accurately which minimizes pain and recovery time. Through an ultrasound scan, breast tissues and physical condition are exactly diagnosed and a necessary part is elaborately micro-detached, minimizing blood vessel and nerve damage.

Also, he said, in conventional breast plastic surgery, the recovery time was long and pain was heavy, but the breast surgery followed by ultrasound scan enables you to leave the clinic right away after the operation, called ‘One-day Painless Breast Surgery’. Thanks to the minimum detachment and bleeding, hospitalization which was needed for patients to wear a plastic tube to drain away any excess fluids or blood into a bag is not necessary.

Besides, as there’s less nerve and blood vessel damage, it can prevent side effects such as capsular contracture that the breasts get hardened because of excess capsula, and one’s physical state such as breast cancer is checked up for safer surgery.

Teardrop Breast Surgery, recently preferred breast augmentation using teardrop shaped implants proceeds with ultrasound scanning. Through this, the location where the implant will be put is carefully identified and surgical satisfaction is enhanced through this elaborate procedure.

Dr. Chung, YooSeok said “if you think voluptuous breasts are the only one way to regain self-confidence, I’d rather recommend having a consultation on breast surgery than being under stress due to a flat chest. It is important to find a specialized breast surgery center where the breast state is exactly diagnosed and the operations are performed by specialists along with an exclusive treatment system.”

[Eye plastic surgery, it is successful when you consider having not only simply beautiful eyes but also a balance with the face.]

A career woman A (33) starts to consider having surgery about her single eyelids and wide set eyes. Her complex was getting higher, but she missed a chance to consult about plastic surgery, because of her busy schedule in the summer. Now she wants to find a way to solve her problem.


Another girl, B, spends long time in front of the mirror in the morning because of her small eyes. Her eyes cannot be bigger with thick eyeliner makeup. Moreover, this thick eye makeup spreads all over her eyes as time goes by. She is getting tired to fix the makeup every day.


Especially, the most tiresome part is her sagging eyelids, getting drooping. B thinks that she often heard that she looked tired and sleepy because of the reason above. In addition, she tries to open her eyes wide, and then she has wrinkle in her forehead in the end.


According to Dr. Chung, YooSeok at The Line Plastic Surgery, for the eye plastic surgery, it is important to choose a proper surgery method by considering a balance with the face. Sometimeshe often meetspatients, who want to make their eyes just like some celebrities, but they should consider the balance with the nose and facial shape, then finally they can get natural looking eyes.


One of therepresentative eye plastic surgeries is double eyelid surgery which is commonly known to people. It is suitable for people who have thin eyelids and a small amount of fat in theireyelids. Normally we call this method a “pinch method”, so the surgery is really simple and there’s not too much swelling in the eye. A naturaladhesion inducing method, which is upgraded from the basic buriedsuture method, induces skin and skin tissue’s adhesion and it consummates a natural line. In addition, it doesn’t make the eyelid disappear easily.


If you want more clear and natural shaped eyes, you could consider having Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery. It makes your eyes bigger and clearerby having epicanthoplasty and double eyelid surgery together. Moreover, it makes you have more natural eyes thanks to the reflection of understanding about eye movements in the surgery.


If your drooping eyelids cover the irises a lot or you often heard that you looked sleepy, you must doubt that you have ptosis, which causes wrinkles on the forehead, irregularity of eye size and astigmatism. In this case, non-incision eye correction, which makes a knot in the eye muscle and the eyelid line, makes clear eyes and improve inconvenience due to ptosis. If a person, who has ptosis, simply has double eyelid surgery, it would lookawkward.


Dr. Jeon, JungHwan from The Line Plastic Surgery said “Eye plastic surgery is applied with a proper method depending on patients’eyelid thickness, sagging condition of the eyes and eye structure. Especially, non-incision eye correction needs accurate diagnosis on whether you have ptosis or not, through a face to face consultation.”

  • "For safer and more accurate surgery, patients need to get their breast tissue and condition checked through 3D ultrasound scanning and get their breast structure, thorax tissue, and if they get breast cancer checked. This process reduces side-effects and pain as well as it leads to a fast recovery."
    Dr.Shin, The Line Clinic
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