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[Liposuction, safely progress through an ultrasonic wave diagnosis without revision liposuction worry]

It is end of summer, many people prepare their clothes for upcoming autumn, but it is too soon to relax about hiding your body figure with the clothes, because knitwear or leggings, which we wear on in the autumn normally, makes stand out our body silhouette more than ever.

The knitwear dress makes your bodyline femininely, but the stomach fat and lumpy waist line are shown. Also a big size of knitwear makes you look more fatter due to the thickness of the clothes, how about the leggings, it makes your thighs frankly be shown. That is tragic.

Therefore, you need more perfect body with a diet because of the autumn clothes. Some people , who are born with an excellence body shape or manage their body figure every day, have a direct effect on the diet, but if you feel very hard to make a beautiful line through an exercise or diet therapy, you will sigh

 There are people who choose liposuction which can make a stylish body line and get rid of an extra flab. According to Dr. Seo, YongSeung at The Line Plastic Surgery, especially the abdomen is the best part to have an effect of liposuction except a visceral fat, so the satisfaction is really high.

The flank is the most difficult part to be slim, but Love handle and Corset liposuction make your flank and side line slim and smooth. It is processed with a minimal incision through the belly button or tail bone, so non-exposed scar is an advantage point of the liposuction. Also 360〫liposuction and knee liposuction, which we call a Channel line liposuction, are chosen from patients who want to make a well balanced body figure.

Liposuction can solve agony of your body, but if you don’t have a consultation with a plentiful experienced medical professional or cannot consider a safety of the surgery, you might be concerned about a revision liposuction. Because too much or less suction rate, sagging skin, scar on the suction area and skin unbalanced like a lumpy skin.

Dr. Cho, JaeHo at The Line Plastic Surgery said, “For successful liposuction or revision liposuction, of course it is important of surgeon’s ability, but a diagnosis and analysis through an ultrasonic waves or endoscope have to carry out before the surgery.” “To understand an exact fat amount, which has to be removed from the body, through the ultrasonic waves diagnosis make a delicate and clear liposuction, in addition, it minimizes a side effect such as a lumpy skin and processes an exact and safe surgery.”

[Power-V-Contouring VS Ten Lifting…What Is For You?]

As we enterinto an ageing society,‘Beauty care’ and health care get more attention than before. The elderly’s economic activities and desires for younger looks increase together and people are more caring about their appearances and investing in them.

‘Baby face’ is a beauty trend of these days and people who have tight and smooth skin with a V-line shape is envied by many other people. Of course, you cannot go against the flow of aging processlike wrinkles and sagging. But there are various methods coming up to delay this process. Anti-aging procedures such as V-line lifting is one of them.

The V-line lifting procedure is a way to see an immediate change compared with anti-aging foods, cosmetics, and exercise. Not only the 40-50’s who want to improve their looks but already are in the aging process, but the 20-30’s women are also looking for it a lot to prevent the aging.

Dr. Jung,YooSuk from the Lifting & Anti-aging Center of The Line Plastic surgery said “Tight skin without wrinkles and a slender jaw line without sagging are the conditions to achieve a baby face. You should undergo a lifting procedure such as Power V Contouring or Ten Lifting, which would suit your facial state.”

For the 20-30’s woman at an early sate of wrinkles, Power V Contouring which lifts sagging skinmoderately is recommended. This procedure makes the excess fat in the cheeks and double jaw removed and facial soft tissues trimmed. It is effective for double jaw, sagging cheeks, smile lines and for an improvement of facial outline and over-removed facial fat.

If you already have wrinkles or you are in the aging process like the 40-50’s, thread lifting without invasive surgery such as face lift that incise and suture the skin. Ten Lifting using threads, enables you to have the wrinkles on the forehead, chin line, eye rims, neck and smile lines removed, selectively by part, and it is also possible to customize the procedure by age group. It lifts the sagging skin up, improves skin elasticity and skin tone, and shows the effects of collagen remodeling, whitening, skin regeneration, and V-line shapes.

Dr. Jung,YooSuk said “In case of the face, there are soft tissues such as nerves and muscles that affect facial expressions and wrinkles. It is necessary to identify those soft tissues through ultrasound scanning for a safe procedure without side effects. Through a complete consultation with an experienced doctor in this procedure, you should select an appropriate procedure that suits you.”

[Flat Breasts after Dieting……Improving Breast Elasticity and Volume through Teardrop Breast Surgery]

There are people who go on a diet due to a shock about their rapid weight gaining and the difficulty with losing their weight by moderate exercise. An excessive diet can reduce your weight, but sagging skin due to the diet will be another concern.

Women are more sensitive about sagging skin than men because of the breasts. Their dietsmay go well, but the result, sagging breasts,makes women depressed. Using breast shaping underwear or pads to solve their complexes can lead to a lot of stress. It means their complexes about the weight moves to the breasts.

The reasons why they want to have voluminous breasts are thatthey want to make an S-Line body shape and have lots of confidence with the breasts. However, dramatic augmentation is not easy, so many women are attentive to having breast surgery.

Dr. Shin, InSeok, at The Line Plastic Surgery said: “It has been steadilygrowing to have a consultation to receivevoluminous breast surgery. They are not only obsessedbythe size.They want to have surgery, which makes a natural and voluminous breastshape.”

The recentlypreferred Teardrop Breast Surgery is well known for making breast shapesnaturally when they move or lie down.In this surgery, a natural shape implant with natural texture is used. There is only a minimum space, where the implant moves, so it prevents a side effect such as deformation of the breast. In addition, slightly sagging breasts, which are the result of sudden exercise, are also possible to be improved through the Teardrop Breast Surgery and it needs ultrasonic wave diagnosis.

Of course, you should be careful about the breast surgery. An attractive price without a consultation could make unsatisfying results and side effects such as different breast shapes, lines below the breasts, andcapsular contraction.

Preliminary diagnosis is also necessary. According to Dr. Cho, YongHyun at The Line Plastic Surgery, the latest breast surgery such as the Teardrop Breast Surgery is accurately performed based on ultrasonic wave diagnosis. Therefore, it is less painful and the recovery period is fast. It minimizespain and bleeding, because it finely detaches a necessary part of the breast.

Dr. Chung, YooSeok at The Line Plastic Surgery advised, “You need to have a consultation with a breast surgery expert before undergoing surgery. Also, it is safer and more helpful for you to choose a specialized breast surgeryclinic which has top quality equipment.”

  • "For safer and more accurate surgery, patients need to get their breast tissue and condition checked through 3D ultrasound scanning and get their breast structure, thorax tissue, and if they get breast cancer checked. This process reduces side-effects and pain as well as it leads to a fast recovery."
    Dr.Shin, The Line Clinic
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