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[Flat Breasts after Dieting……Improving Breast Elasticity and Volume through Teardrop Breast Surgery]

There are people who go on a diet due to a shock about their rapid weight gaining and the difficulty with losing their weight by moderate exercise. An excessive diet can reduce your weight, but sagging skin due to the diet will be another concern.

Women are more sensitive about sagging skin than men because of the breasts. Their dietsmay go well, but the result, sagging breasts,makes women depressed. Using breast shaping underwear or pads to solve their complexes can lead to a lot of stress. It means their complexes about the weight moves to the breasts.

The reasons why they want to have voluminous breasts are thatthey want to make an S-Line body shape and have lots of confidence with the breasts. However, dramatic augmentation is not easy, so many women are attentive to having breast surgery.

Dr. Shin, InSeok, at The Line Plastic Surgery said: “It has been steadilygrowing to have a consultation to receivevoluminous breast surgery. They are not only obsessedbythe size.They want to have surgery, which makes a natural and voluminous breastshape.”

The recentlypreferred Teardrop Breast Surgery is well known for making breast shapesnaturally when they move or lie down.In this surgery, a natural shape implant with natural texture is used. There is only a minimum space, where the implant moves, so it prevents a side effect such as deformation of the breast. In addition, slightly sagging breasts, which are the result of sudden exercise, are also possible to be improved through the Teardrop Breast Surgery and it needs ultrasonic wave diagnosis.

Of course, you should be careful about the breast surgery. An attractive price without a consultation could make unsatisfying results and side effects such as different breast shapes, lines below the breasts, andcapsular contraction.

Preliminary diagnosis is also necessary. According to Dr. Cho, YongHyun at The Line Plastic Surgery, the latest breast surgery such as the Teardrop Breast Surgery is accurately performed based on ultrasonic wave diagnosis. Therefore, it is less painful and the recovery period is fast. It minimizespain and bleeding, because it finely detaches a necessary part of the breast.

Dr. Chung, YooSeok at The Line Plastic Surgery advised, “You need to have a consultation with a breast surgery expert before undergoing surgery. Also, it is safer and more helpful for you to choose a specialized breast surgeryclinic which has top quality equipment.”

[Square Jaw & Cheekbone Reduction…Lessening Worries about ‘Bone Shaving’]

This Chuseok, Miss L (30 years) is going to see the parents of her boyfriend. But she’s worrying about her bulging cheekbones and square jaw. She wants to give a good impression to his parents, but she heard many times that she lookedstubborn and strong.

Besides, she heard frequently that she looked older than her age. Actually, she’s older than her boyfriend so it’s more bothersome to her. For a feminine and calm image, she uses facial roller which is told to make a V-line and receives relevant massages. But it’s shame that the results are yet to be seen.

Of course, she considered cheekbone and square jaw reduction. But, since bone shaving is inevitable in this kind of surgery, it could be dangerous and recovery time could be long, so that she hasn’t decided what to do. These days, however, getting information of facial contouring that enhances safety and relatively less burdening, she decided to have a consultation with a doctor.

You can frequently see those who decided to undergo plastic surgery like Miss L’s case because of their severe complexes. Every plastic surgery should be decided very carefully. Especially, if it’s about cheekbones and jaw, you would be much more hesitating before making a decision. Compared with eye and nose surgery which are relatively simple, facial contouring surgery is a difficult procedure and recovery time is longer.

According to Dr. Jung,YooSuk from The Line Plastic Surgery, recent facial contouring procedures enhance safety through a minimal incision and detachment. Also, recovery time gets shorter so patientsfeel less burdened. Through a cutting-edge intraoral endoscope, blood vessels, soft tissue, and bone structures are identified in real time and safe and elaborate surgery is possible.

Side cheekbones and 45°-cheekbones reduced, and volume in front cheekbones, 3D facial contouring requires an exclusive endoscope. Moreover, through an upward-fixation method focused on safety of the surgery, cheekbones and soft tissue around of them are repositionedand tightly fixed to prevent side effects such as sagging cheeks.

3D square jaw reduction, also through the exclusive endoscope for facial contouring, is elaborately conducted in a minimal detachment and micro-incision method on soft tissue. Hence, there’s no unnecessary tissue damage and bleeding is less, soft tissue lifted, so that it prevents sagging cheeks and drooping jaw.

Dr. Kim,HongYul from The Line Clinic said “We approach in three-dimensional way. For safe facial contouring, state-of-the-art equipment and doctors’ clinical experience are important.You must choose a clinic where there are medical specialists with ample experience and advanced equipment.”

[Customized eye surgery……diagnosis of epicanthoplasty or ptosis correction]

University student A(22) had an eye surgery when she entered a university, but she still doesn’t like her eyes. Small and slit eyes were her complexes, so she got the surgery to have big and clear eyes, but the result of the surgery was not satisfactory although swelling had gone 100%.
When she looks into the mirror, she thinks thesize of her eyesis now a little bit bigger than before, but the widthis too short to satisfy. Her eyesarea result of aminimumoperative method, but the eyelids are unnaturally thick, so they cannot make a balance with her face and they look awkward.

Moreover, she stillhears that she looks sleepy and tired after theprevious surgery which madeher eyelids lookdroopy and the irises not clear. She has been concerning for a longtime to have a secondary operation for the eyes, but she still doesn’t know what kind of eye surgery is suitable for her eyes except double eyelid surgery.
Normally, every Korean woman has a passion to have big and clear eyes. Many people have a double eyelid surgery, which is commonly known, however the operation result is different due to their eye sizes and shapes.
According to Dr. Jeon,JeongHwan at The Line Plastic Surgery, “It is really important to choose a proper surgery method depending on eyelidthickness, sagging condition and strength to open their eyes. Toimprove results of the surgery, you should consider a balance of your eyes and face.
It is better to consider theCrystal Eyelids Surgery, which is a combined method of buried suture methodand epicanthoplasty on a necessary part to makebig and clear eyes from small and narrow eyes. Not onlythe length of your eye butthe widthalso gets longer, so you can getbigger and clearer eyes.
Have ptosis correction together, thereby improve your image, if you often hear that you look sleepyand your eye musclesare weak to open. Non-incision ptosis correction, which makes a knot in theeye muscleand double eyelid lines, adjusts the muscleand elasticity together,and then you can get clearer eyes. Also,this method is good to perform incisional double eyelid surgery orthe Crystal Eye Surgery along with.


Dr. Chung, YooSeok said, “Patients, who want to have an eyelid surgery and ptosis correction together, are increasing rather than those who justwant to have double eyelid surgery. That’s because it solves multiple problems at one go without a secondary surgery. Especially, the ptosis correction surgery needs very experienced medical team’s accurate diagnosis and consultation, also it is important to check whether you have ptosis or not.”

  • "For safer and more accurate surgery, patients need to get their breast tissue and condition checked through 3D ultrasound scanning and get their breast structure, thorax tissue, and if they get breast cancer checked. This process reduces side-effects and pain as well as it leads to a fast recovery."
    Dr.Shin, The Line Clinic
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