Facelift Surgery Korea (Macs & Smas Lift)

Facelift Surgery Korea (Macs & Smas Lift)

Facelift Surgery Korea (Macs & Smas Lift)


About The Line FaceLift Surgery Korea

As you get older, the moisture of skin is reduced and elastic fibbers and collagen fibbers start aging process so the resilience of skin is reduced, too. Moreover, due to gravity, overall skin gets sagging downwards and wrinkles appear. Especially, skin and the tissue around the front cheekbones and cheeks get noticeably sagging. Thus, front cheekbones and cheeks look sunken, nasolabial lines & wrinkles on the corner of lips are getting thicker, and jaw line doesn’t look smooth anymore. These changes are noticeable from 30’s to 40’s in general.

Korean Facelift Surgery Recovery

The type of surgery greatly influences the recovery time and process after the surgery. Facelift surgery aftermath may include swelling, bleeding and complications associated with anaesthesia but those are part of the recovery stage which heals with the proper guidelines provided by the surgeon.
The recovery of the facelift surgery may vary with the procedure opted and also the extent of the surgery taken. For instance, the SMAS lift requires more downtime with compared to the short scar surgery.

Facelift Surgery Overview

A facelift surgery treatment may include along with other plastic surgery procedures and with minimally invasive procedures to get a great facial rejuvenation. The facelift surgery itself may help to improve the jaw line, cheeks and nose area along with the corners of the mouth but does not necessarily improves the neck brow, forehead or the eyelids.
At the consultation with the Plastic Surgeon at The Line will evaluate your face to improve with a comprehensive surgery procedure. In a facelift procedure, a plastic surgeon may perform an eyelid surgery, and it can also be performed after the recovery of the facelift.
Again, at the same time, a forehead lift may be performed during the facelift surgery or even after the recovery of a facelift. The forehead lift at The Line Clinic is a less invasive surgery than the traditional surgeries we have seen over the years. But a neck lift surgery is recommended in most of the time to make a balance of your improvement to a more youthful appearance. Additionally, lip enhancement procedures and lip lifting surgery can give a volume with a smooth lip and lovely wrinkled lips.

Features of The Line Facelift Surgery Korea



  • This procedure minimizes incision area and exfoliate SMAS layer at the same time. Also it gives maximum effect of lifting


  • There are merits of minimal incision method & conventional face lifting method


  • This procedure minimises not only incision area but exfoliated area. After one week from the surgery, most of swelling disappears and you can rarely see bruises that you can quickly return to your daily life


  • This procedure is recommended when sagging is not that severe or when you want to improve sagging problem on your lower face or middle-lower face. The procedure aims at longer effect with naturalness


  • It is good for relatively younger people and when you have sagging cheek symptom after having facial contouring procedure


  • Operating time will be 1h 30m-2h, sedation or general anaesthesia will be applied. Hospitalisation is not necessary


  • Suture removal is available from 7-10 days after the surgery. Bruises and swelling disappears almost in a week


  • When this procedure is performed with lower blepharoplasty, the result may be better



  • What is MACS lift?
    This procedure is good for those whose sagging problem is not that severe, soft tissue of the face is not thick, some of the tissues are hollow, and when a quick recovery is needed after procedure.This is the latest method of lifting procedure which lifts up the sagging face without particular risks.Through minimal incision, skin layer is lifted up. The procedure is performed focusing on the sagging area of muscle facia tissue (SMAS). This method makes more effective and safer results and THE KOREAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGEONS is also paying attention to this method. With skin detachment only, it can correct sagging problem of SMAS. Swelling is small and recovery time is very short. For the patients who are afraid of having facelift surgery, it would be a good procedure.When it comes to the sunken area of fat tissues, auto transfer procedure can be performed simultaneously along with improvement of sagging soft tissue. Harvested fat during this procedure may be a little bit aged. So, to maximise engraftment rate, growth factors and a fraction of stem cells are added during the auto transfer procedure. Through this process, the causes of aged face are solved and more natural and safer results can come out.Incision line starts from the temporal region and it goes down along the front of the ear, turns around earlobe going up behind the ear. It wouldn’t be noticeable after some time passes. Scars are 1cm on the upper side of the ear and 1cm on the earlobe. If the side parts of your eyes or outer sides of your eyebrows are not sagging, incision on temporal region will not be necessary. Also, if you don’t have sagging skin on your neck, incision line doesn’t need to be extended to back of the ear and head. In that way, customised 1:1 procedure is possible. MACS lift needs delicate minimal incision and art of minimising scar. It should be practiced by medical professionals who have many experiences and knowhow.


Features of MACS Lift

Compared to conventional face lifting procedure, swelling is less and recovery time is quick. Also, absorbent suture thread lifts up the sagging fascia layer from the inside of it so that the improvement effect of nasolabial lines and jaw line is great.
Surgery is performed for 2-3 hours under the sedation. There is less risk of nerve damage and the effect lasts long. Also, the risk of a hematoma and dermal necrosis is also less with invisible surgical wound. This procedure can be performed with other procedures and the effect appears gradually with naturalness.


  • Remove sagging muscles, certain and long lasting effect


  • Minimal incision + KFDA accredited special thread


  • Hang the thread on the muscle fascia to make sagging skin resilient


  • Minimum scar


  • Great improvement of nasolabial line, crow’s feet, sagging cheeks with resilient skin




  • What is SMAS lift?
    This procedure doesn’t tighten or pull the SMAS layer but separate it and remove excess SMAS tissue and suture it. It gives you permanent effect.
    When the soft tissue is dropping too much and the soft tissue on the face is thick or there is a lot of fat, this procedure is recommended. It repositions sagging tissues which come from aging to have your age naturally returned.
    Approach is done through incision line right in front of the ear which passes ear hole. Sagging fascia(SMAS) and skin tissues are safely trimmed and it is pulled up to its original place. The excess skin is trimmed also. Since it separates sagging SMAS tissues and removes it without inserting thread or other material, you can get great effect. Also, the incision is practiced on the wrinkle area between the back of ear and neck so the incision line is not visible while you still see the lifting effect.
    This surgery lifts up the sagging and front cheeks and improves nasolabial lines, wrinkles on around the mouth, chubby cheeks and neck wrinkles changing your jaw line and face shape slim and young.

    Suitable Cases
  • For Mid-30’s or over who have skin resilience reduced, wrinkles, sagging problem with aging


  • For those who have outstanding nasolabial lines with sagging cheeks or drooping lower eyelids and old look


  • For those who have dropping skin under the face and changed jaw line that it feels heavy with bigger looking face


  • For those who have sagging face & sagging soft tissue after having facial contouring & two-jaw surgery


  • When you want foreign body removal & anti-aging procedure altogether


  • When you want revision procedure finding the initial procedure was not effective


  • For those who want safe and long lasting lift effect


    Procedure Information
  • Operating Time: 3 hours


  • Anaesthesia: Sedation or General Anaesthesia


  • Hospitalisation: Not Necessary


  • Suture Removal: 1st or 2nd week


  • Outpatient Treatment: about 3-4 times


  • Recovery Process: Daily Life after 1-2 weeks