360° Liposuction By Korean Liposuction Surgeon

360° Liposuction By Korean Liposuction Surgeon

Best 360° Liposuction Surgeon in Korea

360° Rotating Liposuction

360-degree liposuction is a more appropriate  procedure that combines liposuction of the entire section to achieve an overall curvier, contoured figure from every angle


  • An excellent slim effect


  • Minimizing the sunken skin and imbalance


  • More beautiful whole body line


  • A large amount of liposuction is safely possible


  • Minimizing the sagging skin and imbalance after mass liposuction.

A Quick Recovery Liposuction


A quick recovery is possible with only an elaborated liposuction on the subcutaneous fat layer through 3D analysis.


Solutions for a quick recovery


  • Three-dimensional diagnosis of the patient’s body type and the subcutaneous fat layer through 3D analysis.


  • Minimize pain and bleeding by multi-surgery: Watershape + Multi-laser + Accusculpt.


  • Minimizing swelling and bruising + Powerful skin tightening effect through both accusculpt and liposuction.


  • Postoperative treatment program using special equipment such as endermologie, radio-frequency, ultrasound and so on.


  • With conscious sedation, patients can leave the hospital just after the surgery, and no need for hospitalization.

The reasons of a quick recovery


  • Through 3D ultrasound diagnosis, analyze the subcutaneous fat layer / the muscular layer / the dermic layer in three-dimensions.


  • Precise liposuction on only the subcutaneous fat layer, without damage on the soft tissues (blood vessels, nerves, etc.) around the surgical area.


  • A quick recovery is possible with only an elaborated liposuction on the subcutaneous fat layer.


  • A little pain and bleeding by accurate liposuction on the subcutaneous fat layer.


  • Enable the rapid return into everyday life.

Invisible scars


New advanced liposuction comes with no exposed scars even though you wear a revealing bikini and underwear.
If you have many noticeable scars from liposuction surgery, visible scars are always annoying thing when you wear a bikini or something. The great advantage of The Line’s liposuction is that you can wear a bikini and underwear with more confidence. The Line’s mini Korean tummy tuck plastic surgery is the most advanced scar system as this is the most advanced treatment with minimum and unexposed scar.

No exposed scars through incisions to belly button and tailbone.
The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic has the best liposuction surgeon in Korea with years of experience in liposuction. Our surgeons are specialised in performing advanced liposuction with minimal incisions to belly button and tailbone. Our whole body liposuction includes abdomen, back and thighs. The Line’s new advanced mini Korean tummy tuck surgery is very well received by the worldwide cosmetic medical staffs. Our doctors have published journals about liposuction surgery through the navel and tailbone, and they were invited for a special lecture at authoritative societies of home and abroad.

3D Analysis with the Best Liposuction Surgeon in Korea


  • An accurate analysis through 4-step 3D diagnostic system


  • The subcutaneous fat layer is located in the soft tissue that is invisible. Therefore, the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer and the status of adipose tissues can’t be thoroughly determined by vision or touch.


  • The Line’s body contouring center operates 3D ultrasound diagnostic system. It’s an advanced diagnostic system that an accurate analysis about the soft tissue structures of skin layer, subcutaneous fat layer, blood vessels and nerve tissue is done.


  • Can minimize an imbalance of the skin or the drooping, and have ample liposuction based on the accurate data obtained from preoperative 3D ultrasonic diagnosis. It’s also very beneficial for a large amount of liposuction. In addition, it can minimize bleeding and pain since blood vessels and nerve tissues are identified before surgery.


4-step 3D Diagnostic System


  • Step1

Scientific diagnosis of the body size, body type analysis(through INBODY, etc.), the shape and circumference of surgical part, the subcutaneous fat ratio and so on.


  • Step2


Diagnosis of the density of the subcutaneous fat layer, and the volume by touch.


  • Step3


Scanning the resilience of the skin layer, and the thickness.


  • Step4


3D ultrasonic diagnosis of the skin, muscles, the tissue status of the subcutaneous fat layer and the structure, etc.

Special Postoperative Care Center


The Line Body Contouring Center operates a special postoperative care center for thorough management even after the surgery. Liposuction is important, but the postoperative management is also very important. The better result and effect can be accelerated by our professional body contouring surgeons is a systematic and ongoing treatment. We do our best for every patient through one-to-one personalized care system.

  • Body contouring professional management team.


  • Systematic management using Endermologie, RF(Ratio-frequency), Lipoderm.


  • Personalized management through periodic follow-up treatments.