Facial Contouring Surgery Korea (3D Cheekbone & Face Sculpting)

Facial Contouring Surgery Korea (3D Cheekbone & Face Sculpting)

Facial Contouring Surgery

3D Cheekbone Surgery(Zygomaplasty)

3D Cheekbone Surgery (Face Sculpting Surgery)

The Line’s only 3D Meloplasty facial contouring makes slim and smooth facial lines at from every angle including a 45° angle, front and lateral. This face sculpting surgery not only removes prominent cheekbone, but it forms beautiful facial considering the ratio and harmony of the whole face even the bone contouring. It is also known as face sculpting surgery varies widely.

Features of 3D Cheekbone Surgery

Safe meloplasty through 3D-CT diagnosis

With a scientific analysis using 3D-CT, figure out the three-dimensional structure of muscle tissue/bone tissue/ nerve tissue and vascular tissue around cheekbones for facial bone contouring. As a delicate face sculpting surgery carried out, damage to the nerve tissue and vascular tissue can be prevented in advance.

Rotating cheek reduction, three-dimensional cheek line

Simultaneously the face sculpting surgery and bone contouring reduces the front cheek/ lateral cheek/ 45° angle cheek which are the main causes of the big cheekbone. It makes cheek line smoother by reducing the high cheekbones and the entire face outline through this aesthetic surgery.

Cheek reduction using the cutting edge endoscope

In this aesthetic surgery through bone contouring, there is a weakness of conventional surgery with an incision inside oral. It’s difficult to identify the exact surgical area because of the narrow sight. The Line’s only meloplasty is performed extremely safe and accurate by using special face contouring endoscopic equipment that enables real-time understanding of the surgical area’s vascular, soft tissue and bone tissue when inside the oral incision.

Conscious sedation, Half-hour surgery

Personalized meloplasty or aesthetic surgery is performed depending on the prominence of the cheekbones. If not severe high cheekbones, there is a simple-cheek reduction. It’s a new aesthetic facial surgery concept of cheek reduction operating during lunchtime in a half hour.

Surgical Methods of face sculpting surgery

Grind the protruding parts or cut partially

Partial resection of front and lateral cheek, and then pull it in

Cut the front cheek and lateral cheek and pull it in, then fix it down back and forth

Endoscopic malar reduction

Facial Contouring

Merits of The Line 3D Cheekbone Surgery

Thorough Preliminary Process of face sculpting surgery: The Line  center analyzed each case closely and scientifically through personal diagnosis, actual image diagnosis, and 3D diagnosis for secure and accurate diagnosis. And we prepare the face sculpting surgery through conference by medical professionals in center, after exactly grasping personal facial conditions of bone contouring based on 7,000 times of experiences and know-how.

Prevention of Sagging Cheek

Minimum Desquamation

Quick recovery and prevention of sagging cheeks, minimizing exfoliating part, to reduce the damage of muscles and skins surrounding bones in the process of facial bone contouring.

Tight Fixing

Prevention of sagging cheeks making skins adhere and permanent effect through perfect fixing without rocking or herniation of bones.

Fixing Muscles

Prevention of sagging cheeks drawing up soft tissues, which were detached during the suture after the cheekbone surgery.

Some commonly face reshaping surgery FAQ

How much time do I have to spend in Korea for my face contouring?

A minimum of 10-14 days is all you need for having Facial surgery. Most of the time, the customer may decide to stick around a little more, while some may leave after two weeks if they wish. Patients may have a little difficulty while eating, but it is good for healing and faster recovery since it works like mouth muscle exercise.

What is the cost of face reshaping?

Facial augmentation surgeries cost USD$4,000-$6,000, this includes chin and cheek implants, but advanced fees for face contouring go as much as $8,000-$12,000 which is relatively cheaper in comparison with the charges in America and Singapore.

And when it comes to facial surgeries, Korean doctors have a wide field of experience and reputed as experts in this area than doctors in other countries.

Because they thrive for excellent performance every time the cost for an entire face reshaping goes for $25,000-$30,000. (you are free to confirm the cost of other Korean plastic surgery)

How soon can my face become natural after the facial reshaping?

A minimum of two weeks is all it takes with a face warp on to reduce possible swelling and with adequate medication to accelerate the healing. An additional one month waiting for the swelling to leave and another 3-6 months to have it perfectly natural. As you see, lots of patience is needed here to give you that dream look.

Is it possible to have facial surgeries along with other surgeries?

The answer is yes, but for utmost carefulness, it not usually recommended to have too many surgeries at the same time with facial contouring. The reason is, you will go with general anesthesia for the face surgery, though this can take other surgeries it is not advisable to remain under general anesthesia for a long time, as your health may not find it good. And for your surgeries, the results may not be completely natural to your pleasing so, it is best to have one surgery at a time.

Will I have scars after my facial reconstruction?

Surgery always leaves a mark, but The Line plastic Surgery Clinic Surgeon’s every attempt is made to place your scar in a natural crease or fold. During Jaw Surgery incisions are discreetly performed through the upper and lower part of your mouth giving no room to scars. For people that knew you before, they will never observe any changes on your face rather they will be astonished at how breathtaking you have become. Now, you know why your facial contouring needs to receive the magical wave of Korean doctors.