Types Of Liposuction Korea

Types Of Liposuction Korea


Types Of Liposuction Korea

Types Of Liposuction Korea
The Line Mini Liposuction Korea


  • Mini Thigh Liposuction Surgery
  • Mini Abdomen Liposuction Surgery
  • Love Handles
  • Mini Arm liposuction
  • Accessory Breast liposuction surgery
The Line Abdominal Liposuction


Abdominal liposuction is the most popular area of liposuction surgery korea , and the most satisfied area by patients at the same time. In case that the subcutaneous fat widely spreads in the abdomen, mini liposuction cannot ensure a satisfactory result. This time the whole abdomen liposuction procedure is performed. The whole abdomen referred to as upper and lower belly, flanks, love handle, bra line, and the entire sides of back, etc. The more extensive skin is operated, the stronger synergy effect comes out by the strong contraction between the skin and subcutaneous fat layer.

  • Features of The Line Abdomial Liposuction in Korea
  • Wounds that are not exposed to wear a bikini
  • 2-5mm small incision
  • Operation time: about 90 minutes
  • Possible to back to everyday life the day after surgery

The Line Corset Liposuction Surgery


The Line’s only corset liposuction surgery includes love handle, bra lines and the entire back. The back which has been a difficult part to be improved in the conventional love-handle-liposuction method can be improved to beautiful and hot body line as if you’re wearing a corset. If the patient has a lot of fat on the back, there are many difficulties in liposuction since there is severe fibrosis and less elastic. However, The Line’s body contouring center guarantees the highest patient satisfaction based on the thousands of live cases and know-how from the experience. The most distinguishing feature of The Line’s corset liposuction surgery is no exposed scars through Silent Scar System(incision to tailbone).


The Line Thigh Liposuction Surgery


When it comes to back Thigh liposuction surgery, a universal incision is made on the tailbone area. This includes such as upper and lower hips, the outer part of the thigh (called saddle back), back thighs and the inner part of the knee & the thigh. Through belly button incision, front thigh liposuction Korea including the front, the lateral, Chanel line and the inner thigh will be performed. Slim thighs are created by 360° rotating liposuction. Chanel line liposuction will be performed together to create smooth and beautiful legs by making the straight inner thigh line. The important thing in liposuction is the scar. After Thigh liposuction surgery, patients are satisfied with slim legs, but they are worried about the scars as time passes. The Line’s Silent Scar System has no scars left in any part of the thigh.

  • Silent Scar System with invisible scars through incisions to belly button and tailbone
  • 360° rotating liposuction
  • 2-5mm small incision
  • The legs seemed to look longer by hip-up effect
  • Operation time: about 90 minutes

The Line Arm Liposuction Surgery


It is very important to do Arm Liposuction Surgery evenly with more than 70% fat on the arm circumference. It’s because Arm Liposuction Surgery is hard to make a good result unless the wide part of arms are operated. Unlike the thigh or abdomen, the arm doesn’t have a lot of fat. Particularly, the arms are sensitive areas to be exposed, so the scars must be invisible in arm liposuction Korea. The scars are always annoying thing. You don’t have to worry about these scars with The Line’s Silent Scar System.

The Line Calf Liposuction Surgery


Calf liposuction surgery belongs to the most difficult part of the liposuction in Korea. The calves are the area that has less fat accumulation than the others. Only 10% among the patients who are struggling with a calf problem can see the effect through calf liposuction. In most cases, calf-reduction that reduces the muscles is much more effective than calf liposuction Korea that reduces the subcutaneous fat. Thus, it’s very important to distinguish whether the case can see the effect by calf liposuction or not. It’s important to determine the status of subcutaneous fat through preoperative ultrasonic examination. Calf liposuction surgery should be carried out by scientific analysis, not by physician’s sense like in any other surgery. The Line’s liposuction surgery Korea is performed by Joint care with plastic surgery specialist and surgeon.

The Line Whole Body Liposuction Surgery


It means liposuction on all parts of the body. Whole body liposuction surgery might be done at one time, or divided in twice depending on the amount of fat and the range. The body liposuction surgery that includes everything such as fat under the Chin liposuction surgery, chubby cheeks, arms, back, flank and love handle, abdomen, thighs, hips, Chanel line and calves, etc. This range depends on the patient’s needs and the doctor’s opinion. If the liposuction surgery in Korea is divided in twice, it will be performed at an interval of 2 weeks.

Precautions After Surgery


  • About a month after surgery: no drinking and smoking


  • After getting rid of stitches, massage is beneficial to loosen agglutination of surgical area


  • Compression garment must be worn for a minimum of one month


  • Two weeks after liposuction surgery in korea, surgical areas should be cared through postoperative treatments in the clinic


  • Please maintain the surgical area higher than the heart. Having a rest can be a big help for the recovery


  • For 3 weeks after surgery: herbal medicine, hormones, vitamin E, aspirin, caffeine foods banned


  • Stewed Pumpkin Juice is good for a quick recovery


  • For 2 days after surgery: it’s good to take light activities of daily living and ample rest (Too much movement makes the surgical area swollen)