Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo – An obesity treatment that immediately extracts fat wherever is needed & dissolves the surrounding of extra fats by inserting specialized medical liquid for lipolysis. It’s a completely non-invasive lipo procedure with conscious anesthesia.

This technique makes the fat easier to remove, making it a less aggressive procedure that may have a faster recovery timeline. Only some light bruising and swelling is expected a few days after this non-invasive liposuction.


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Actually, The line smart lipo is an easy and fast surgery suitable for those who wish to remove fat in secret. You will be able to check and see the extracted fat for yourself after liposuction.

It is loved especially by many celebrities as the non-surgical procedure that takes only 30 minutes to execute and does not need recuperation time.   



The Line Smart Lipo Principle



In this non-invasive liposuction, extra fat is removed with a specialized syringe from the most problematic part of the body using scientific principles. In fact, the goal of smart lipo is to give more attractive body shape by extracting less fat than a conventional liposuction.

After injecting the fat-decomposing solution which is specialized for the fat decomposition, It breaks the fibrous membrane and helps to release the solid fats.

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Benefits of The LINE Smart Lipo:

  • Minimal invasive

  • Minimal blood loss

  • No complications of general anesthesia

  • Very little patient discomfort(if any)

  • 100% safety rating