Botox & Filler Surgery In Korea

Botox & Filler Surgery In Korea

Botox & Filler Surgery In Korea

A simple secret of being beautiful with anti wrinkle injections

Simple and natural effect without the cold scalpel!
Easy method with no scalpels, expects short procedure time and the immediate effect. The Line Botox & fillers have very few side effects by using natural ingredients filler which has same material of body or Botox being maintained for 3-6 months semi-permanently.



Botox is an Anti wrinkle injections kind of toxin called botulinum which is famous for canned bacteria. Botox acts to make the muscles unable to move, or to weaken the strength of the muscles by inhibiting the secretion of neurosecretory substance contracting the muscles emitted from the junction between nerve muscle area. It is used for therapeutic purposes according to the principle of local paralyzing on the muscle injection site by using the amount that doesn’t affect the human body.


Duration of Botox

Botulinum toxin (Botox) is also an Anti wrinkle injections generally known the effect disappear in six months, but its effect actually lasts. It’s simply because new nerve that grows from the side of the blocked nerve causes the muscles contraction, so you can see the wrinkles again after six months though there is an individual difference. Some people worry that the wrinkles may get worse, but actually there are fewer wrinkles even with no more injections. If you have an injection several times, the muscles where you got an injection become weak.


Features of Botox
  • Skin, wrinkles and facial lines can be corrected without surgery
  • Normal cleansing and makeup are possible just after injections
  • Great effect with simple procedures without any anesthesia, pain, swelling and bleeding


Effects of Botox
  • If you have angled jaw due to the development of the jawbone, bone surgery will be effective.
    However, if it’s because of the development of jaw muscles, the square jaw can be simply corrected by contracting the muscles.
  • When you tighten your jaw, can see the masticatory muscle bulge too much. It has a noticeable effect on the square jaw in such cases.
    When Botox injection to the developed jaw muscles, the parts of the jaw muscles are paralyzed, gradually contracted and the muscle movements are reduced. This helps reduce the amount of muscles and have the improvement effect of angled jaw. It begins to show the results from three to four weeks after injections, and the maximum effect can be seen in 2-3 months though there are individual differences.


Improving deep wrinkles due to aging or wrinkles caused by habitual expressions.
Glabella, Crow’s feet
Improving wrinkles in both side of eyes caused by the excessive use of facial muscles, or glabella line wrinkles that occured when frown.
Improving deep wrinkles due to aging or wrinkles caused by habitual expressions.
Botox & Filler

This is also an Anti wrinkle injections, effective for deep wrinkles, scars and sunken skin. Hyaluronic acid filler consisting of same substances of human skin is injected into the sunken skin or wrinkled portions. Botox and fillers wonder in the deep wrinkles that were not improved by only Botox. Also injections are given into the depressed scars or under the eyes and thin lips to make them look plump. Just after the injections, enable the rapid return into everyday life with little bruising and swelling. The effect of dermal fillers typically lasts about 12-24 months although there are individual differences such as patient’s age, skin type, and life patterns and so on.

Features of Filler
  • Very little pain
  • Rarely affect on daily lives and take little time
  • Immediate effects after injections
  • Can be made with the desired shape, and fine-corrections possible after injections
  • Effective wrinkles removal without any side effects like myoparalysis caused by the toxic
Nose Filler
Low nasal bridge, aquiline nose, drooping nasal tip, wide ala nasi can be simply corrected.
Forehead Filler
Forehead shape and face outline are an important part of determining the lateral face look, and have a large effect on determining the impression as well. It helps to have soft curves and more volume on the forehead, and a pleasing and gleaming impression by simply using fillers.
Short Chin Filler
In case that the chin is too short or it has less volume, it’s difficult to have a bright impression because the mouth seemed to be protruding. Short chin filler makes a refined and beautiful face without surgery. Some people among those who have short chins have scabrous chins like a peach seed. It’s a phenomenon that occurs when you give the excessive force to the chin muscles to close the mouth. It simply can be prevented by filler.
Glabella Lines
If they are vertical wrinkles on the forehead, it may seem to be the impression of an angry person. You can change the image through the filler.
Nasolabial Folds
If you got the nasolabial folds around the nose and mouth, you look older than the actual age and the mouth looks relatively protruding. In this case, it can be corrected with a simple filler injection.