Cell Banking And Therapy In Korea

Cell Banking And Therapy In Korea




The LINE Cell Banking and Therapy is a kind of bio-insurance that preserves cells when you are healthy to prepare for your old age or diseases. To be used for treatments or anti-aging when the customer asks, it is safely kept in its best condition. This is not merely storing it. It is a promise from The Line’s excellent medical team, that achieved success in commercialization of cell treatments for the first in the world, for all sorts of refractory disease treatments and anti-aging.

Necessity of CELL BANKING

The LINE Cell Banking

>>The earlier you store the cells when you are healthy, the more excellent functions have the preserved cells.

Cells go through the aging process like any other parts of the body. Hence, cells that are preserved when you are young and healthy stop growing, and when they are used in cell treatments later, the abilities to multiply and develop or transform are more superior so you can expect better treatment results.

>>If you have an infectious disease, cells are contaminated, too.

The cells extracted from the patient who has an infectious disease are contaminated by a virus and it can’t be possible to be produced as cell medicine. As you could lose an opportunity for treatments for this reason, the cells should be stored in advance before you get ill.

>>When it comes to stem cell banking medicine, treatment time is highly important.

To repair damaged tissues or cells, the time of cell treatment is very important. Once refractory diseases occur, cell extraction is difficult or other emergency procedures have to be processed prior to it. So, you could miss out the optimal treatment time with delayed cell extraction. If you have stored cells, cell cultivation will start upon you find out the disease and you can get the treatments earlier, expecting more remarkable treatment effects.

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The LINE Cell Banking