Non Surgical Facelift Korea (Ageing Treatment)

Non Surgical Facelift Korea (Ageing Treatment)


FaceLift (Ten Lifting)

What is Ten Lifting?


Ten Lifting is THE LINE’s specialised lifting treatment that provides 10 years younger look returning your skin age without incision and surgery. It is a new concept of personalised lifting that improves droopy skin and wrinkles which are produced with ageing. This non-surgical face lift treatment provides the most suitable solution according to personal physical trait and region within 30 min of a simple process.

10 years younger lifting that removes facial wrinkles in combination!

The world’s first special lectures and papers on ten-lifting.

Features of Ten Lifting

Solving problems for Nasolabial folds, Indian wrinkles, smile lines, drooping cheeks

Soft and supple facial line

A firm and elastic lifting effect by stimulating the dermis extensively and widely

Improvement of skin tone by collagen remodelling

A simple and safe procedure with little or no swelling and bleeding

Recovery of Non-Surgical Face lift Treatment

After most of the non surgical treatment, the patients are free to leave the hospital or clinic right after, and also they can join the work if they want, however a day to rest is recommended. On the other hand, some of the extensive treatment may require a couple of days to recover from minor bruising and swelling. This greatly varies with respect to the procedure that’s been selected.

The non surgical treatment for anti aging is temporary and this does not involve any incision or removal of any skin, muscle and the results may change over the time naturally. However, the aging process are slowed after the non surgical face treatment, mostly focused on the small area which are improved.

The procedure are in fact short and usually do not require any anesthesia or sedation and thus does not require a lengthy preparation time.


The Benefits of Ten lifting with the Line’s are:

  • The tightening of skin of the face
  • Harmonious skin tightening around the jowls and the neck
  • Improved skin tone
  • Smooth skin
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sustainable results with natural collagen production
  • New collagen production
  • Deep wrinkles fill up
  • Repair the sun damaged skin
  • Rejuvenation of the tired and dull skin
  • Youthful appearance and fresh look

Ageing Starting from the late 20s


As you get older, you have wrinkles as collagen generation of dermal tissue is being slowed and the
skin is getting thin and droopy. As the skin’s ability to regenerate gets decreased, wrinkles on eyes, mouth and forehead come along with and the skin elasticity gets reduced as the cheeks and jaw line are dropped. Also, recently, not only middle-aged class but also 20’s are under their early ageing process with stress and environmental factors and many of them have wrinkles and droopy skin, as a result. Lifting & Anti-aging Centre at THE LINE plastic surgery suggests treatment with personalised 1:1 diagnosis developing selective ten lifting by age & region.

The Line Lifting & Anti-Ageing Procedure

Non-Incision Lifting

Swelling and pain are much less with non-incision lifting procedure so that quick recovery is possible.

The Line Know-How

We can help you to find a more beautiful face with our more than 12,000 times of face lifting & anti-ageing procedures and know-how.

4 Steps of Co-treatment System

More accurate and safer procedure is performed by a co-treatment system with plastic surgeon specialist, expert surgeon, anesthesia-pain specialist and family practice specialist.

Thorough Aftercare’s

We support you for your quick recovery to daily life running specialised and personalised 1:1 aftercare centre for lifting & anti ageing.

4 Steps of Daily Sterilization System

We take the initiative in a prevention of infection running 365days-sterilization system with ultrasound sterilisation, chemical disinfection for medical appliances, high-pressure sterilisation, EO gas sterilisation, etc.