Facial Liposuction Korea (Power-V Face Lift)

Facial Liposuction Korea (Power-V Face Lift)

Facial Lift Liposuction (Power-V Face Lift)
What is Power-V Face Contouring surgery Korea?

Power-V contouring is a face lift surgery that makes V line plastic surgery without cutting the bone”The Line Center produces the best results with an ideal way considering individual thickness and elasticity of skin layer, jaw bones and development degree of masticatory muscle. The Line’s only power-v face lift surgery eliminates the unnecessary fat of chin line and simultaneously lifts the soft tissues (Dermic layer, adipose layer, SMAS layer) determining the form of chin line.

Features of Power-V Face Contouring

More than 12,000 Times of Experiences on facial liposuction and Know-How to do V line plastic surgery treatment

Semi-Permanent Effect with 30 min of Treatment Only

Quick Recovery, Activities Available on the Very Day

Effect of Collagen Remodeling – Strengthening Skin Elasticity, Younger Face

Treatment through Micro Laser Accredited by FDA

Questions for Power-V Face Contouring

Is V-Line possible without shaving bone off?

Doctor’s Answer: YES! The actual percentage of the shaving-bone-off case among the patients who want facial contour surgery of bone is less than 40%. The other 60% of patients can have V line plastic surgery without shaving bone. The greatest merit Power V facial liposuction is that it makes V-line which is a distinguishing point compared to facial bone surgery or Botox. Among the patients who want V-line, there are not many people who have protuberant or overgrown bones so it is possible to get the satisfying effect by removing surrounding soft tissues, which affect jaw line. Facelift Surgery Korea is not complex and results are visible within few weeks of surgery.

Do the Effects last long?

Doctor’s Answer: YES! Hospitalization is not required for this process. Power V Facial Liposuction makes V line removing unnecessary fat on jaw line along with soft tissues (skin layer, fat layer, SMAS layer) that affect the shape of the jaw line. For that reason, Unless you gain body weight, subcutaneous fat on the face is not increased either, so V-line can be permanently maintained. Once the fat is removed, it is difficult to be regenerated so the effect is permanent. Besides, tightening effect of collagen, filled in the regions where the fat is removed, gives multiple effects along with V-line making your face look more elastic and younger.

Is hospitalization or general anesthesia unnecessary?

Doctor’s Answer: YES! Power V contouring or V line plastic surgery is relatively simple and safe treatment. All the processes are performed under safe and painless sedation anesthesia in which the patient is relaxed. Also, patients can feel more comfortable and safer since facial contour surgery is performed under care by anesthetists who are residing in the center.

The Line Lifting & Anti-Aging Center

More than 12,000 Times of V line facial contouring surgery and Know-How

From Consultation, Treatment to Aftercare by Special Medical Team for V-line Contouring

Customized 1:1 V-line Management System

Co-Treatment System by Medical Specialists in Each Filed

24/365 Sterilization System

Specialized Anesthesia Center at the Level of Top General Hospital