Canthoplasty Surgery / Eyelid Lift Surgery


Canthoplasty Surgery makes the eyes look bigger and brighter
The eyelid lift surgery corrects drowsy eyes, caused by inner Canthus covered with skin or too wide space between the eyes, clearer, bigger and longer. For those who have short length of the eye, lateral epicanthoplasty will be operated together for clearer and brighter eyes. Removing inner wrinkle of the eye makes it look wide which is in between the eyes, by finding a few hidden millimeter inside the eye, then the eyes look bigger and brighter. With the usual method of W or Z-shaped incision, there are a lot of operation wounds but The Line’s only Canthoplasty surgery needs 3-6 months for the scars to disappear through incision on the folded lines and it is also known as Eyelid lift surgery.

Canthoplasty Surgery

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