Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction

It gets difficult to have a beautiful breast and perfect shape at the same time.

But with line plastic surgerys surgical experience and know how
patients can get beautiful breast and perfect shape
at the same time.

Harmonics calphel for pain less breast reduction

In line plastic surgery harmonics calphel is used for breast surgery to reduce post operative bleeding and reduce blood clotting. A quick recovery function is used. If the breasts are damaged by high temperature heat, it may result in post operative hypertension and inflammation which in terms slows the recovery process. On the other hand the harmonics calpel is made by the supersonic tongue and the gypsy cavity is made by special method. So there is no chance of bleeding post surgery. If patients do not suffer from heat induced tissue damage due to the low temperature, it will cause the patients to recover faster than normal high-frequency surgery.

Benefits of the Harmonics Calphel from The Line

Removing the superficial vibration Helps with removing superficial tissue damage

Removes worries that patients will feel like they cannot do anything

A water soluble lotion is applied on the breast for the purpose of establishing a perfect breast.

Why choose Breast reduction at Line plastic surgery

How to reduce Breast with Line Standard

Beauty and safety at the same time

Breast reduction is significantly in 3 ways divided, the patient’s breast shape and depending on the state This is done in a suitable surgical manner.

The vertical incision method :

This is one of the most used breast reduction methods used. No matter the size of the chest surgery is possible. This method also combines areola incision method. This method is

  • Effective for severely large breasts fastness
  • Effective for correcting sagging breasts by covering the underside of the chest
  • Back to rich breast shape after surgery compared to other surgery
  • Less scar
  • The nipples of steel angle retention
Curettage method :

It is also known as areola method. In this method the surgery is done In a way that only scars remain around the unit

  • Effective for breast not too large, but fused.
  • The amount that can be reduced is limited
  • The scar is the less severe compared to other surgeries
  • Effective in correcting sagging breasts
  • Less Postoperative infection, hematoma, etc.
  • Short surgery time and fast flower wear period
  • Post-operative feeding possible
  • Easy way for single women
Long linear incision method :

In this surgery method incision is made around the areola and down the breast crease.

  • Effective In a way the chest is greatly severe and drooping a lot
  • Effective in severe drought conditions
  • Improves skin elasticity of saggy breasts
  • The amount that can be reduced is higher than that of other surgeries
  • Long incisions can leave scars.

Breast Reduction Korea

Too small breast is a problem, but too large or asymmetric breast can also be the cause of trouble to a great extent. It sometimes hampers your confidence as well as spontaneity. For the abnormally large breast, the causes are from genetic factor, excessive hormone secretion, or acquired breast growth as a sudden weight gains, etc. If the breasts is enlarged by the above reason, breast drooping gets worse and it raises various problems. It can cause back pain or eczema under line of the breasts, and of course, the problems in cosmetic aspect.

Breast reduction Korea has an aesthetic effect, as well as resolves these problems within a very short span of time. Unlike breast augmentation, no implant is used in breast reduction Korea. For this reason, side effects are very low and patient’s satisfaction is as high as when breast augmentation is done. It however has a very high level of its difficulty, so you’re strongly encouraged to do breast reduction surgery in The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic; a hospital specialized with best breast surgeon in Korea. Here, we ensure our patients a perfect breast shape along with more natural look after the Breast Reduction Surgery.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery:

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery will facilitate to remove lower back pain, improve posture, and helps to keep body in a nice proportion. Actually, there are some less mentioned advantages of Breast Reduction that are worth considering:

There is a high risk of stretch marks if the breasts are too heavy or out of proportion! Breast Reduction Korea helps to avoid stretching as well as stretch marks on your breasts. It allows the breasts and the areas around them to age in a better way.

Women having large breasts, most of the time, can’t fit into some dresses they want the most. With a Breast Reduction Surgery comes a more balanced & shapely body that will likely better fit off with any type of cloths. It actually paves the way to more clothing options, more freedom to dress how they want to.

Sometimes breast size can be a big obstacle in the way of movements. It discourages women from participating in many activities. Later, this could become a bigger health issue. But after having done the Breast Reduction Korea you’ll find it much easier to do these types of activities with a new spirit of mobility.

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