Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery Korea

Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery Korea

Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery in Korea: Minimal Incision Method

Through a small incision, unnecessary fat is removed and double eyelid is made with the rest part of it by buried method of eye bag surgery making the double eyelid line look thin and natural. Scar and swelling are minimized and it particularly decreases the possibility of untying double eyelid surgery in Korea which is different from the buried method that simply ties eyelid.


Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery in Korea: Inner Canthoplasty

By removing the Mongolian fold which is at the inner corner of the eyes making the gap between the eyes look wider,
this method enables the eyes to look bigger and clearer. It doesn’t make a big incision but releases the several hidden
millimeter of the inner aspect of the eyes so that the inner canthus can be unfolded.


Features of Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery in Korea

  • Eyelid Surgery for Bigger and Clearer Eyes

Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery in Korea by The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic makes small and narrow eyes into Big and Clear Eyes


  • Eyelid Surgery with Small Swelling and Short Recovery Time

Non-incision, minimal incision and customized incision depending on eye shapes of each individual. Small swelling with quick recovery


  • Natural Eyelid Movement

Considering differences and changes of double eyelid line along with the eyelid movement, the eyelid surgery in Korea makes the double eyelids move naturally


  • Balanced with Face Shape, with Sense of Dimension and Harmony overall!

Twinkling Crystal Eyelid Surgery in Korea for big and clear eyes harmonizing with the whole face shape


The Eye Bag Surgery

The Eye Bag Surgery also a simple operation through the conjunctiva, to expel fat under the eyes which is framed as the layer of skin spreads fat gets to be droopy. Eye bag surgery could show up as right on time as in 20’s and stress or most exceedingly bad conditions make it genuine. Lumps of eye bag surgery causes dark circles and that is why eye bag removal surgery Korea is becoming famous with us.