Breast Revision Surgery Korea

Breast Revision Surgery Korea

Breast Revision Surgery Korea
Breast Revision Surgery Korea

Revision Surgery (Breast)

The Line Breast Revision Surgery Korea

Breast revision surgery accounts for a great part more than other reoperation. Capsular contracture, dissatisfaction with shape, asymmetry and implant damage is most common reasons. Breast implant revision surgery Korea is not only it is high level of difficulty,  but also require accurate factor analysis. Satisfactory results can be obtained through accurate surgery based on the analysis. High revision breast surgery rate is considered that the result hasn’t been predicted accurately.

Every person has a different breast shape. There are so many variables, such as the nipple’s position and angle, the size of the areola, skin thickness, the shape of sternum and the degree of deflection etc. Therefore, it’s very important to determine the surgical method and design by pinpointing all these factors from the first surgery.

If preoperative planning is unclear, it can cause problems like capsular contracture or dissatisfaction with the shape, and it finally leads to another breast implant Revision surgery Korea.  Also in the same way, only if the first surgery’s problems are clearly understood, it must result in a good result. Can’t assure any surgery results, it just makes the approaches into the predictable results as close as possible. The Line’s breast revision surgery center Korea considers accurate diagnosis its top priority through a medical checkup, and suggests the best surgical procedure to solve these problems.

  • Accurate Analysis by Ultrasound Scan
  • Plastic Surgery / Breast Surgery Co-treatment by each specialist High Quality revision Breast Surgery
  • 7 Steps of Capsular Contracture Prevention System
The Line Breast Revision Surgery Korea Center

The Line Breast Revision Surgery Korea Center considers exact diagnosis of the problems by priority through complete medical examination and performs personalized 1:1 operation for each patient doing its best for patient s beautiful breasts in functional way and in aesthetic way as well.

5 Steps of Co-treatment System

The Line Breast Revision Surgery Korea Center Korea provides topmost results with no more re-operation through co-treatment system by each specialist of who is also a professor in top medical school and a doctor at A-1 general hospital. We have great merit that patients can get quick recovery and the pain is minimized by performing the operation maintaining the biorhythm of the patient the best through 5-step co-treatment with each specialist from first to last.

  • Plastic surgeon Specialist
  • Breast Surgeon Specialist
  • Expert Surgeon
  • Family Practice Specialist
  • Anesthesia-Pain Medicine Specialist
Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a symptom that breasts are hardened and it is a main cause of Revision breast surgery.
There are many reasons of having capsular contracture such as inflammation, hematoma(blood pooling), foreign bodies, under-detachment during procedure, negligent massage after the surgery, physical constitution, etc.

Degrees of Capsular Contracture
  • 1st Degree

It feels natural and you cannot really feel the prostheses inside by touching.

  • 2nd Degree

It seems that there is no special problem in appearance but the breasts are less smooth and you start to feel the prostheses by touching.

  • 3rd Degree

The breasts are hardened and the prostheses are palpable and it can be recognized in appearance.

  • 4th Degree

The breasts become hard and firm and the shape of prostheses is distorted. Finally, patients feel pain.