Calf Reduction For Achieving Slimmer calves

Calf Reduction For Achieving Slimmer calves

Now a day’s many men and women try to modify themselves as they don’t like their appearance. So they go for plastic surgery procedures. Among the many different procedures calf reduction is one of the most demanded procedures in calf reduction.

Why consider calf reduction:

Now a day’s many men and women wants to show their legs. But some of them may have bulky and masculine calves. Due to that they might lose confidence to wear short skirts, short pants, tight jeans, or wear high heels as it looks really bad.

Besides of the aesthetics problems having big calf may cause pain in the calf. Even with exercise and diet big calf doesn’t go away. These are some of the reasons people consider having calf reduction.

What are the options?

There are many different options for calf reduction. Based on patients condition doctors may suggest procedure suitable for them. Among different procedures some mostly used procedures are as follow:

  1. Calf liposuction: Calf liposuction is performed when the main reason of bulky calf is the fat beneath the tissues of the calf. By doing calf liposuction doctors suck out fat and makes the calf look slimmer again.
  2. Calf Botox: It is one of the most used non surgical calf reduction procedure for calf reduction. In this procedure doctor injects Botox to stop muscle from contracting. Its affect lasts up to 6 months to a year.  Botox is Non surgical treatment which is semi permanent but if patient maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper precautions they can have a long lasting effect

Why choose Line plastic surgery for calf reduction:

Line plastic surgery has an excellent team of doctors with excellent procedure knowledge and millions of happy customers. As with every procedure there are some risks the doctors at line plastic surgery always tries their best to make sure no post procedure complication happens.

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