Plastic Surgery in Korea During COVID-19

Plastic Surgery in Korea During COVID-19

COVID-19 spreading over 170 countries has the world facing unraveling chaos for the past several months. The world seems to have come to a halt in the physical realm, with the only form of work and interaction being done in one’s home and online.

However, it hasn’t been quite literally the same for the line of plastic surgery. Diving into quarantine; numerous people have come to realize that now there’s a whole lot more time and room for recovery after a surgey.

Patients have developed the realization that not having to attend school or show up to work the next day, or for moths in fact, gives them a wide range of time to comfortably heal at their own pace with the least amount of worries about infection, sun exposure and improper post care.

Plastic Surgeons from Korea have reported a significant increase in their number of domestic patients in these months. Yet of course a huge fall on international patients due to the flights being off.

Some doctors have even reported that they could perform procedures 6 days a week if it weren’t for the strict lockdown. The rise in numbers of patients is truly uncanny. People have been making the best of their days in quarantine.

The clinics have taken numerous precautions with sanitation and strict Corona detections for both their staff as well as patients to make it a risk free environment for all.

By firmly maintaining hygiene and increasing their measures of repulsion and precaution standards, Surgeons are taking their responsibilities to minimize the risk of spreading the virus head on.